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Okay, first, all moments with BIGBANG are my favs. The feels they elicit are too real. But I also have another entertainment love aside from K-Pop, and that is K-Variety Shows. Particularly Running Man. So, to keep it simple, my chosen moment is from the Running Man episode 250 (or 161 on DramaFever).
That special moment that showed that even BIGBANG is not immune to the Running Man members tricky ways, lol. While playing a form of water basketball in the river, a few members ganged up and pulled Taeyang's shorts off to prevent him from standing.
This has got to be one of my absolute fav BIGBANG moments, lol.
Me too, Taeyang, me too. XD
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Shirtless.... now he go pantless too... Taeyang Taeyang... I m speechless.. but yes totally appreciated.
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