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I didn't know how to make a ssg until someone taught me so imma spread the love with this tutorial!~♡

***download all the photos you want to use in your phone's photo album beforehand I use both these apps but I'll start with Gif Me! Pros: can add one text layer to the whole gif Cons: doesn't adjust photos so that they're all the same size

[Gif Me!]

1. Open the app 2. Select "import" to select photos from your album

[Gif Me!]

3. open the album with all the photos you want to use 4. select your photos 5. select "Done"

[Gif Me!]

This screen should appear with your gif playin'! ^^ From here, you can add a filter, sticker, text, frame, or stickers. 6. Select top right button to save *** these are 1-layer features, meaning that the text (or whatever) you add will carry over the whole gif. If you want to put different text on each frame (like names), you have to edit your pics in a phot editing app before making the gif. Keep in mind the cons I listed though!!

[Gif Me!]

7. Save into your album and go make that screen shot game!! (≧▽≦)

[Gif Me!]

Here's that con I mentioned. See?? Not the same size pics (even if I edit them before hand) :((( If that doesn't bother you then rock on~ (^人^)

[GIF Maker] (scroll right)

Pros: adjusts so that all pics are the same size Cons: may squish pics; quality can be wonky at times (maybe it depends on where you post it? idk) & declines with editing apparently 1. open the app, pick "Make GIF" 2. pick the album(s) with your pics, select your pics, and select top right option 3. from here, you can adjust the speed, remove frames, put it on loop, or add a filter. Select "Save". 4. It then saves to your gallery! The screen it shows afterwards is just for you to see and the frame around the gif isn't actually a part of it. (:

[GIF Maker]

1st GIF: no prior size edit 2nd: all pics adjusted beforehand Concerning the size issue with this app, consider editing your photos into a 3:4 ratio in some editing app so it looks a tad nicer in a GIF (: *Doing this and using Gif Me! instead didn't work out for me, but maybe it will for you??

And that's it!

Hope I could help some of you and if you have any tips or questions, ask below~ P.S. Wish someone would hold me like Rap Mon holds Hobie this Valentine's Day... ;v; random Jin edit, hehe
@CreeTheOtaku you're welcome (:
thank youuuuuuu now I can make screenshot games whenever DBS has an idea for challenges
I was just looking this information up thank you for this card..your awesome
@merryjayne13 glad I could help ^^