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Okay so Im doing yesterday's and today's. I wanted to do yesterday's card, but I got sick with a stomach bug (hence the picture above) and therefore wasn't really up to doing it. So as a movie buff I have a top 10 list (actually 2 top 10 lists, but I'm only showing 1) of my favorite films and I'm very happy to share them with you.
10. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time!
This is a Japanese live action film that got me so invested and emotional. I normally hate romantic comedies, and I mean HATE, but this one is not so cliched and it's very clever. So what's the story? Akari Yoshiyama is a high schooler who lives a normal life in the year 2010. Her mother, Kazuko, creates a liquid that allows the drinker to time travel. After she ends up in the hospital after a car accident, she tasks her daughter to go use the liquid to back in time to the year 1972 to get help from her old friend Kazuo, before falling into a coma. Akari takes the liquid, but ends up 2 years later than she was supposed to. She befriends a young man named Ryota, who helps her survive the 70s while trying to find Kazuo. I put this so high up because, while it is a nice film, it’s very slow paced and a little cheesy and it can be confusing at times. Other than that, I like this movie and I would watch it again happily. Now this is the latest adaptation. There’s an anime film that I did watch, but it didn’t impact me as much as this one did. Also, this movie is a sequel to the original film made in 1983, which actually stars Akari's mom, Kazuko. The reason the original isn’t on this list is because I haven’t watched it. It’s not that I’m not interested, I really want to see the original, but I can’t find a link or a copy anywhere. If it pops up or someone sends me a link, I will gladly watch it. Until then, the sequel is very well done.
9. All the Harry Potter movie!
Do I really need to explain this? Harry Potter is just awesome! I love the films because they are so close to the books. Granted a few things are omitted in the films, but these are two different mediums and some things have to be left out. Aside from that, they’re very well adapted. The fantasy, the magic, and the world they live in is just so whimsical and detailed. Not to mention the casting is downright perfect thanks to the author holding the reins for casting and writing decisions.
8. Chronicle
This a great movie. The story here is Andrew, his cousin Matt, and their friend Steve find an alien relic that gives them telekinetic abilities that they use for their own fun. They learn how to harness them and play a bunch of pranks. This is what I call a “realistic superhero movie”. If 3 teenage boys gained superpowers, they wouldn’t put on a costume and fight crime, at least not right away. They would exploit the hell out of it and that’s what they do in this movie. They play pranks, they have fun, they do selfish things, they play around with it. That’s what teenagers do. Not to mention the great cinematography and the idea for it to be found footage. Now I know there were a bunch of films before this that used found footage, but ever since this movie came out, it's been used more and more. And don't exactly mean that in a good way. Some use it well, but others were just unnecessary. Other than this reaction in the Hollywood industry, I sill love this movie.
7. Sweeney Todd
This is what I call "Tim Burton before he lost his touch". Story: A man named Benjamin Barker was falsely convicted and sent away by judge Turpin after the latter lusted after Barker’s wife. Barker returns as a changed man, dark and and filled with hatred, under the alias “Sweeney Todd" to seek revenge against Judge Turpin, but at the price of his humanity. This is such a dark and twisted story. Sweeney Todd is both the protagonist and the antagonist. You feel bad for him, but at the same time, you’re totally put off by his actions. I love characters like these that go through development and tragedy.
6. Carrie (1976 AND 2013)
Okay so I’m probably cheating with this, but I honestly can’t choose between them. I think both versions are pretty good. So, 17-year-old Carrie White is constantly bullied by her peers and her religiously insane mother. After going through the horror of her first period and being ridiculed for it, Carrie discovers she has telekinetic powers, which she uses to gain the upper hand of her mother and, eventually, the tragedy of those who abused her. I know everyone says "the original is better" but I think both films use certain elements better than the other. And both actresses who played Carrie in the old and reboot are very good as well as the actresses who play Margaret White. I’ll probably make a list of the pros and cons of each movie, but either way, they convey the message very well: Karma’s a bitch. A lot of people said that a reboot "wasn't necessary" or it's just "another bully film". Um, I beg to differ. This came at a time where bullying was taking a deadly turn and some weren't taking it seriously, so it makes sense to make this story more modern to catch younger audiences' attention. Also, I believe the true message of this movie is "what happens when you take something too far" whether it be bullying, revenge, parenting, hell even religion can be taken too far. Both of these films need to be looked at deeper.
5. Matilda
I just realized how many movies on this list involve telekinesis. Well what’s another one, right? Matilda Wormwood is the neglected child prodigy of her rotten, cruel family. She goes to school meeting her lovely teacher, Miss Honey, and the wicked principal, Miss Trunchbull. She eventually discovers that she possesses telekinesis and uses it for her benefit as well as the benefits of others. Sort of a downplayed “Carrie” for kids, but the movie is a massive hit. I don’t know anyone in my generation who doesn’t know or like this movie. Yeah it has its issues, but I like it all the same. Although when I was 6 I thought if I got really good grades I'd get didn't work.
4. Pan's Labyrinth
This movie is just immaculate. I don’t care if I can’t speak Spanish, this film is unbelievable. Story: A young girl, Ofelia, travels with her pregnant mother to meet with her stepfather, Captain Vidal, who is hunting down republican rebels. Ofelia is pulled into this mystical world where she is told that she is the long-lost princess of the Underworld Kingdom and that she must gather certain ingredients in order to return. The best part about this movie is that you don’t know if this is actually happening or if it’s all in her head. There’s a lot that would make you think it’s all Ofelia’s imagination, but there’s also evidence that makes you scratch your head and wonder “maybe it is real”. That’s what makes this film great: it keeps you guessing, it makes you think and ask questions.
3. Hook
I don't care what Rotten tomatoes says, I LOVE this movie. It answers the question "what if Peter Pan grew up?" Story: Peter Pan is all grown up, but he’s lost his memories of all of his adventures. When Captain Hook kidnaps his kids, Peter travels back to Neverland to save them and reconnect with his old self. I don’t care that this movie has a few plot holes, I hold this close to my heart. It’s Peter Pan! The icon of childhood! It’s the sequel that we never expected. In the original, the darling children learn that it’s okay to grow up, but still be kids. Here, Pan is a grown up who has to retain his childhood. I love Williams in this. He makes a great combination of a stuck up adult and childlike innocence. Don't even get me started on Dustin Hoffman. Every scene he's in he looks like he's having the time of his life and having so much fun in this role.
2. Ever After
Let me remind you that I HATE romantic movies. They’re just so cliched and stupid. So I’m not a fan of them...except this one...and not just because the main character has my first name. Ever After not only gives Cinderella a more realistic, non-magical interpretation, but it takes all the stupid romantic stereotypical crap and throws them out the window. Story: Danielle de Barbarac is forced to serve under her stepmother and 2 stepsisters after the death of her father. She meets Prince Henry and they form a powerful bond as well as a famous love story. My God is this a great movie. It gives Danielle and Henry time and development to fall in love rather than "at first sight". There's also quite a development between the stepmother and Danielle's relationship. You don't just hate her right away, there's scenes where the stepmother is actually KIND to Danielle. I highly recommend this movie.
1. The Goonies
This is my absolute favorite movie of all time! It's 80s cheese, but it's quality 80s cheese! The story here is 4 boys, a big brother, a big brother's crush, and a big brother's crush's best friend go on an adventure to save their neighborhood from eviction and demolition. There's pirates....well dead pirates, there's a family of criminals after them, there's booby traps, and clues, and its just awesome. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! Another thing I like about it is that the kids act like regular kids. While Disney sweetmeats everything like "sweet niblets" or "gosh darn it", these kids swear like sailors. And you know what? Those are kids. They can be rude and selfish and swear, that's reality...not that its ALL kids but most kids do act like this. Best movie ever.
And finally my Day 14 "favorite Marvel villain". I gotta go with Magneto. He controls metal and seriously what ISN'T made of metal these days? He can also levitate, survive in SPACE, move astroids, and control matter. Thats only a FEW of his powers. Let's not forget his character. The best thing about a villain isn't if they're "born evil" and want to do evil things. Magneto just has a different view of humans and mutants, believing that mutants are far superior and that mere homo-sapians should be enslaved to their will. He believes he's doing the right things for mutant rights. Obviously this is bad in our eyes, but to him it's the right thing and truly believes he's doing good.
Sorry this is so long.
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Sweeny Todd was a good movie. It's been awhile and I'm gonna watch it again rn
now I have more movies to watch :). Matilda is so awesome. I used to get so excited when we would watch it in school
@shannonl5 Chronicle is good 😀 definitely watch it
I still haven't seen Chronicle (I know, it's been out for a while) so I'm definitely gonna put it up on my list now :D
Awesome choices! Pan's Labyrinth is so beautiful ❤
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