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Brings you flowers
Takes you to dinner
Confesses to you while walking you back home
Kisses you at your door before asking if he could come in
Your Valentine boyfriend spending the rest of the night watching netflix
This is my first screen shot game, I saw a lot of BTS one's and wanted to do a SHINee one. It's not good but I was bored and needed a SHINee fix.
Thank you @Badtz for sharing the ssg tutorial, it really came in handy today since I was looking for information on how to do it
i was so excited to see a shinee one. thank you!
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@KiinLyr no problem I had to give my SHINee boys some love
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I'm so glad you made my one! SHINee are my ultimate group and just thank you!
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@Miss148 your welcome 😀
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