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Guys I have something to tell you....
"Well what is it??"
Today is....well it's the LAST DAY OF our Marathon...
"Last day.....WHAT!! fine I'm leaving..."
Wait but don't go yet!! Don't you wanna know who won....
"I guess I can spare a moment or two...."
Good because the Winners of the competition will be announced TOMORROW!!!
Which means that ANYONE who hasn't entered that still wants to enter can do so until 12:00pm [EST]
So who will be the rulers of February??
Come back tomorrow to find out ~(^.^)~ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!!
good luck to everyone who entered I saw some really good cards for this marathon
You too @LysetteMartinez !!!!Have a Awesome Valentine's Day! !!!!!
Thank you !!!!!!!I actually am Having a BEST AMAZING COOL Valentine's Day! ! because Im with YOU and the WHOLE BEAUTIFUL VINGLE FAMILY! !!!!!Once again, @KwonOfAKind have a STUPENDOUS Valentine's Day! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ^-^
@KwonOfAKind have a AWESOME EXTRAORDINARY and COOL Valentine's Day! !!!^-^
Happy Valentine's Day!!
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