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Hey guys so I just wanted to do I little valentines day special^.^ I already posted one today but here's an extra♡♡♡
jungkook: Now you see Y/N there is a thing called love and I have fallen deeply in it with you, be my valentine?
jimin: hey girl, I love you, a lot, be my valetine?
(kind of a really short imagine) jin: "be my valentine?" jin said as he held your hands. "yeah" You giggled as he attacked you with kisses
suga: listen, I don't like very many people, but you, you I have seemed to fall in love with. Be my valentine?
rapmonster: Hey Y/N!!! Will you be my valentine?
jhope: Ever since I've met you you've been my hope, I was wishing I could be yours too, be my valentine? *smooooooooth*
taehyhung: Y/N you make me so happy and I want you in my arms and not anyone else's, will you be my valentine?
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Can they be my valentine????
2 years ago·Reply
Cute love Kookie being shy when he is asking you to be his Valentine
2 years ago·Reply
I loved this ♥️💕
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