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Hello my lovelys i decided to write this fanfic today since its valentines day and i may or may not spice things up a bit hope you love it @MrsJungHoseok
You both looked at eachother and smiled "So i see you came to korea and it looks like for school" you looked at him shocked " did you know that?" he looked at you "I may ot may have not looked you up on every social media with different names" you blushed he takes your hand and starts walking you and tskes you to his house "from now on you live here" you looked at him "I have a dorm you know" he looks at you with the puppy eyes that you loved "but i prepared a welcome home party for two" you looked at him and smiled "as long as its for two then ok" as you both walked in you saw a beautiful home with party streamers everywhere a cake with (insert favorite cake) flavor you looked up at bambam and started crying it was a new begining in your life.
1 YEAR AND 3 MONTHS LATER "Babe im home" you said as you got home from work you were finally out of school snd with bambams music career you were set but even though he told you not to work you wanted to anyway and also gotten engagement rings as you walked in you didnt see him you ran to your room "babe?" he wasnt there you were starting to worry when ypu heard loud moans from the computer room you heard a girl yell "daddy more please" as you heard this you slowly opened the door to see bambam jerking off "babe?" he turns arround and blushed as he hid his member "oh hey babe i didnt know you were comming early from work" you smirked and sat on him as you whispered in his ear "daddy more please" bambam wasnt the one who asked about these things but you thought it was about time you did it it started off as a kiss then grew deeperand deeper to the point you two were naked and on the bed "wanna call me daddy more sweetly" you smirked "daddy~ oppa~" and with that you were off with him moaning your name to scratching his back you know what happened oops
to be continued dang bambam why you do this to me comment if you wanna be tagged in part 3
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