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Peyton Manning, arguably one of the greatest football players of all time, was cited in a lawsuit filed by a group of women alleging that the University of Tennessee have created a "hostile sexual environment".

This case included other athletes and it was directed at the school through a policy of indifference toward assault by student-athletes.
The lawsuit states that in 1996, when Manning was the starting quarterback for the University of Tennessee, he placed his naked genitals on the face of a female athletic trainer while he was being examined. Manning said he was simply mooning a fellow teammate.
The trainer, Dr. Jamie Naughright, sued Manning and the teammate that Manning said he was "mooning" also refuted Manning's statement. The lawsuit was settled between Manning and Naughright with Naughright leaving the university.
It's a shame that Manning, who just won his second Super Bowl of his career, has to endure such allegations. Super Bowl 50 could potentially be his last Super Bowl and I'm sure a lot of football fans want the Sheriff to walk off in style. Let's wait and see what happens with this particular case.

For me personally, I wish the charges would be cleared so he cant remain the G.O.A.T. But if he's guilty, then I don't care if it's Peyton Manning. He must be punished.

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@Cle1 Well to be fair, the report was BS.
2 years ago·Reply
@gatorchick96 It is indeed really sad :(
2 years ago·Reply
@Tattoodrew Whoa bro, hold your horses for a sec. I did not need to hear about your college days my friend hahaha
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@mchlyang The reporter stands by her story, and there hasn't been any hard evidence to refute it - and there hasn't been a libel lawsuit filed yet...
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