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Ahhhhhh Kanye, always in the headlines, never for anything good and this time is no different. Two days ago in one of his newest songs "Famous", Kanye called out Taylor Swift in lyrics saying "I feel like me and Taylor Swift might still have sex/ I made that bitch famous." I'm sorry, is that a joke?
First off, that isn't even true. The first time Kanye came at Taylor he was a drunk mid 30 year old man going after an 18 year old girl winning a fucking Album of the Year award! Which she did without Kanye's help... so I think it's safe to say that he didn't no much for her fame. Secondly, I'm confused why Taylor should be having sex with you? Is it because you feel like she OWES you her body because you made the same headline as her? Or because you are such a big name everyone SHOULD fuck you? Maybe that's why you also added the line; "For all the girls who got dick from Kanye West/ when you see them on the street give Kanye's best." Like.....don't you have a wife? Oh and apparently "bitch" is a term of endearment. BYEEEEEEEE!!!
Best part, he's trying to act like he got Taylor Swifts permission to write the lyric. Meanwhile, Taylor has said he didn't ask about the lyric...but did ask her to tweet about his album... Awkward.
@marshalledgar i saw you also wrote card on this! isn't it just crazy?! what do you think @christianmordi
if I was Kim, I'd be mortified
@marshalledgar omg right !! i would be so livid, like your my husband and talking about all these other girls you slept with and how you might sleep with Taylor swift ?!?! and he's trying to act like he had her permission YEAH RIGHT
Wow what an asshole. Can't believe he even asked her to tweet about it!