I took my oldest to a high school on the outskirts of Atlanta for GHP. It seems that the administrators encourage lightheartedness, as there was...interesting artwork and humorous signs all about the school. The first ones I noticed were the "Beware of opening doors!" sign and the paper mache ant infestation.
I guess this is a problem? (Oops!)
I should have brought a sharpie.
I might have LOL'd.
I refuse to ask......
A friendly reminder that things could be worse.
This was actually really sweet!
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better than my school lol
2 years ago·Reply
oh my god. I wish we did that at our school. it'll be so fun
2 years ago·Reply
Cool school
2 years ago·Reply
I actually really like those paper mache ants...
2 years ago·Reply
Aww...such nice teachers still exist that's a surprise.
2 years ago·Reply
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