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I'll be the first to admit that I haven't read that many deadpool comics but this is just my opinion on the movie itself. I will say the humor and the way he broke the fourth wall were all a good portrayal of Deadpool overall.
Now let's get to the part that kind of ruined it for me.... the romance... Sure it was valentine's day so I get it maybe some people wanted it... maybe I'm alone in my opinion but I really wanted a Superhero (even though Deadpool isnt really a "hero") movie without some sort of sappy romance that involved the character having to go out of his way to save his lover.... like really wanted that and I felt since Deadpool was rated R I was going to see a lot more action and a lot less emotional crap... well I was wrong.
Don't get me wrong... deadpool kicked butt and made me laugh while doing it but I found myself rolling my eyes at the cliche of having to save his girlfriend from his arch nemesis.... I felt it somehow diminished his revenge and spoiled Deadpool's character.... Overall I'd give it a 3 out of 5 at max for that disapointment. Anyways if you've seen the movie feel free to share your thoughts.
I actually remember seeing an interview Reynolds gave and he mentioned the studio really pushed for them to have a romantic subplot because otherwise women wouldn't enjoy it XD I'll try to find the video because he seemed just as appalled by that as I was
@shannonl5 I'm so glad to hear he was appalled... generalizing female fans has to stop
I'm pretty sure in some of comics he does a lot for a female "love" interest. So to me that wasn't that far fetched
@LadyLuna he does, but not in a damsel in distress kind of way. they're all pretty powerful on their own- particularly Copycat (which is who his love interest was here, except they decided she wasn't going to have her powers anymore)