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Hello fellow Vinglers. Today's card is on who you would fight. Today's contestants are some well fighters known in their worlds as some of the strongest in history. LET'S BEGIN!!!
Naruto Uzumaki (4-6 Tail form) For our first contestant we have Four Tail Naruto. Now for him I'd say "Hell naw, to the naw,naw,naaaw." In this form Naruto reaches a level of power that made him on par with Pein. Also for those that played or are currently playing Ninja Storm 3, this form shows a lot of incredible potential including his rapid fire Tail Beast Bomb.
Ichigo Kurosaki For next contender we have our hero substitute Soul Reaper Ichigo. Now Ichigo here is one of the strongest of the Bleach world. What makes me say that? Vasta Lorde Ichigo (Full Hollowifcation). I haven't really read the manga but in the Anime this seems to be his most powerful form.
Ruby Ruby is a scythe wielding goddess. She also is the proud leader of team RWBY. Not only is her scythe a blade but it can be used as shotgun or rifle.
Neferpitou (Pitou) Pitou is one of the Royal Guard Chimera Ants, for the Chimera Ant king, Meruem. She capable of using Nen and uses a rare type called Specialist which allows her master more than one type/category of Nen. Some of her abilities include two types that let her manipulate others body's to do her bidding and the other one allows her repair or alter bodies that would seem impossible.
Saitama No introduction's necessary. Just know he is the strongest being in his world and has even become so popular that he's used in many multi-verse battle theories, including famous DC world's hero: Superman. Another one used is the world renown saviour of entire galaxies: Goku/Son Goku/Kakarot. (Which ever you prefer to call him)
So everyone that's concludes this Who Would You Fight card. What do you all think ? In fact who do you all feel is the strongest? Comment below what you think and if enough people like it I might do a Part 2.
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if i got the powers of the world character I'm fighting I would chose naruto