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So this is just a quick update to let you guys know why I disappeared for like 2 weeks and am probably about to I'm in nursing school and I am so overwhelmed right now. I have had 2 tests and 4 quizzes in the past 3 weeks. I have two clinicals every week and I have to get up at 4am for both of them. I study all the time and I have work as well.
This is me all the time. Plus I had an accidental needle stuck where I gave a patient a shot and then the needle went into my hand. So now I have to get labs drawn to make sure I'm ok which is freaking me out just a little bit.
So that's me. And because of all the studying and not sleeping I haven't been doing much socializing. So I'm super overwhelmed and a bit lonely and I've cried a few times. Anyway...long story short I'm gonna try to get back on and be more involved but I can't make any promises. Sorry if that was crazy overwhelming!!
@catchyacrayon @krin @BulletproofV @luna1171 @ChaErica @MichelleIbarra @kpopbtslife @CreeTheOtaku Thank you all so means a lot that you read this card and all your comments are so sweet. I will try to get some rest.
@Helixx I'm actually crying right now...I needed to hear that. Thank you so much.
@Ercurrent You are welcome. I'm happy I could be helpful. I'm here if you ever need/want to talk. Just keep breathing. :)
I want you to do me a BIG favor. Take a deep breath; inhale deeply and slowly and as you do, I want you to clear your mind of all the crazy things going on in your life right now, then exhale, releasing the air in your lungs slowly and methodically. Now, during those times when you're stressed, worried, scared, overworked, exhausted, lonely or at your wits end, I want you to remember that everything is OK. Everything will be OK. You are strong and capable and talented and intelligent. You CAN make it through this and you are NEVER alone. You're going to do great on your exams and clinicals. Your hand and health are great. You will get time for sleep and maybe even a little for Vingle. And we will be right here waiting for you as well as sending our love and positive vibes your way. <3
Man! I'm really sorry to hear this!!.... *Big Hug Squeeeeeze* ♡ It's ok we understand that you can't get on here sometimes. We all have our lives that we need to keep up with. I'm sorry for not replying or dropping you any messages lately in your inbox! :( Please drink tea for your nerves and coffee to stay awake! Hwaiting Friend! Btw did you inject the patient with that needle before you stabbed it in your hand???? omo omo!! I hope it's nothing serious... I'll be praying for you! 🙏💕
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