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Shut Out PT7

Genre: Angst
Members: Jimin; Reader(You); OC child; Minor appearances from other members.
Part: 7/8
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Summary: It was a cycle of shutting out and being shut out. Whether Jimin realized it or not, he was the one who had started it so it was only right that he end it
Jungkook tried to understand where his hyung was coming from. The entire ordeal must’ve been really stressful, but no matter what angle the maknae looked at it from, he couldn’t overcome the obvious. Hunched over on his bed with a math book opened before him, Jungkook ignored his studying; trying to understand why Jimin came home, practically steaming in anger was the more pressing matter at hand. He wanted to jump on his hyung’s bangwagon, but after hearing the story over three times the only thing that stuck was:
“You’re abandoning your daughter?”
After all that time and energy Jimin had invested in find them and convincing you to let him see her, he was just going to give up? The maknae could still vividly remember the night Jimin came home after first meeting Iseul and how he had gushed about how beautiful and perfect she was until Jin was warning them that they needed to sleep. He remembered photo after photo Jimin had taken of her, and how he spent over three hours daydreaming of all the things he was going to teach her and show her. Now, he didn’t want anything to do with her?
Jungkook didn’t believe this, there had to be something else causing him to say this.
Jimin glared at him, crossing his arms over his chest in frustration. What was so hard for Jungkook to get? “I’m not abandoning Iseul! Y/N made me!” He stressed. This wasn’t his choice, it was yours. You were the one shutting him out, refusing to even give him a chance. He wanted to be there more than anything, but you were the one setting up rules he couldn’t follow through with. There was a pause from the youngest member of Bangtan as he took in the new information, processed it, and tried to fit into the bigger picture.
But like square block trying to be shoved into a circular hole, it didn’t fit. “Y/N can’t make you do anything, hyung. If you want to be part of Iseul’s life then be part of her life. I don’t understand why Y/N’s making it hard for you.” He pondered aloud,”I mean, you’re sacrificing your whole image and relationship with your girlfriend for your daughter, the least Y/N could do was give you a chance, you know?” His expression slacked at Jimin’s hesitant look. “What?”
Jimin flopped onto Jungkook’s bed beside him, rolling onto his back and staring up at the blank white ceiling. “I told Y/N I..that I wasn’t ready to tell the other guys or my girlfriend about Iseul.” He draped one of his arms over his eyes, not ready to see Jungkook’s reaction.
The maknae frowned, “Why?”
“It’ll change everything..”He sighed,”I can already see the guys pressuring me into taking time off to care for Iseul and I’m…I’m afraid Jjeuril will break up with me…” He laughed dryly,”I mean, who wants to date a man with kids..? I’ll be so tired and stressed between schedules and the baby and I’m scared of settling down…I’m still young..I’m not ready.”
Jungkook didn’t understand. Wouldn’t Jimin want to take time off to spend with his daughter? He’d missed so much of her life, didn’t he want to catch up on as much as possible? And why was he afraid of his girlfriend breaking up with him? He’d have you, right? “Hyung..”
Jungkook nudged his arm away, “Your reasons for not wanting to tell the others about Iseul had nothing to do with her…it was all about you.”
“I’m selfish, Jungkookie.”He murmured,”I want to put Iseul up on a shelf and only look at her when no one’s around to see me do it.” Jimin closed his eyes,”The right thing to do would be to just leave them, they’d be so much better off with any man but me, but I’m too selfish for that too.” He glanced up at the maknae, suddenly looking so vulnerable, “I don’t really want Y/N and Iseul, but I don’t want anyone else to have them either. I’m a terrible man aren’t I, Jungkook?”
“I’m more concerned about my girlfriend dumping me, than my daughter growing up without her father..” He laughed bitterly, “The thought of some other man taking credit for the life I made makes my blood boil, but at the same time, I don’t want to take credit either…I..can you imagine how lonely she’d grow up?” His eyes were watering, so he sat up, wiping at them, “If I got my way…how often she’d wonder if I even loved her..?”
He rubbed at his nose, “I cry about it now, and think it’s one of the worst things ever, but..that’s what I sounded like to Y/N when I talked about how I wanted to be in Iseul’s life. I tried so damn hard to sugar coat it, but she saw right through me and shut me out..and I can’t take it back, Jungkookie..because even after all this, that’s still what I want..I just want to sit my innocent little daughter on a shelf and peek into her life when I think no one is watching and then close the curtain around her and pretend she’s not even there..”
“You’re just conflicted.” Jungkook soothed, “Just rest and think about it for a bit and you’ll make the right choice.”
“I don’t even know what the right choice is.”

I was rooting for Jimin for like 5 seconds intill he said that bullshit of his girlfriend and only wanting to see his child every now and then. Jimin gtfo of my life and my child. I rather him leave me alone, he can have his youth and ill keep my baby. I don't care if he knows its wrong, he is just disappointing me. if he isn't willing to put his child above everything then he isn't ready to be a dad.
Well as selfish as he's being.... At least he knows he's wrong 😐 Imma need for you to do better Park Jimin
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