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HE'S YOUR SECRET CRUSH What can I say... Jimin always makes me laugh and smile
BUYS YOU FLOWERS AND CHOCOLATES Jimin *blushes* are too sweet. Come here so I can pinch those cheeks of yours
SENDS YOU A LOVE LETTER Me!? Really? Suga bear I love you ❤
HE TAKES YOU OUT TO DINNER JIN...I think I'd way to self conscious eat in front of someone as cute as you. I'll try to enjoy myself though
KISSES YOU AFTER CONFESSING HIS LOVE J-Hope *blushes* you are such a good kisser
YOU TWO ARE TOGETHER FOREVER much as I love you all and all of things you have done for me on this special day it looks like at the end of the day I'm Tae's girl! ❤❤❤! HAPPY Valentine's Day TaeTae Thanks to @PrincessUnicorn for tagging me in another game! The original card can be found on her page. I'm also tagging some of my other friends as well! If you liked to be tagged/ untagged in any future post let me know @PrettieeEmm @luna1171  @CreeTheOtaku   @EliseB   @Vay754   @KhrystinaLee