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Every day Namjoon and I text. Tae text alot and Jojo had started coming and hanging out with me. We had become fast friends all because I pushed tae to tell her how he really felt. They both kept insisting they could help with namjoon but I kept refusing. One day I went to there dorm after work and was met by an angry namjoon. "What's wrong?" "Did you know?" He asked blocking the way into the dorm. "About?" "Tae." "What happened to tae?" I was now concerned. Did he get hurt after we talked? I tried to push through but Namjoon wouldn't let me. "No (y/n) you can't go in there." He grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the dorm. I took a glance into the dorm before the door slammed shut. I saw Tae giving me a thumbs up? What the hell did he do. Namjoon pulled me away until we were far enough away. "Are you going to tell me what's going on?" "Did you guys break up?" He turned to face me. "What?" "If not then your being cheated on. He brought a girl over and he's making out with her." "You mean Jojo?" "Yea you know?" He was confused "Yea...I was the one who got them together....or more of helped push them to each other." "That's not right? He said he loved you a few days ago and now he doesnt?" "No he doesn't love me like that we love each other as's very nice of you to be worried about me though." I closed the distance between us and hugged him. "How could I not be worried. I don't want you being hurt." Why did he have to be like this. He is messing with my feelings hardcore. "Let's go...I have a few words to say to tae." When we got back to the dorm we walked back in hand in hand. "Oh are you two together now" Tae smiled. I pulled my hand away. "No. Tae what the hell. He thought you were cheating on me. Did you not tell him that we weren't actually dating just going on dates?" "Ha yea I just let him think what he wanted." Namjoon started to head towards tae. I had to stop him by getting in front of him. I looked into his eyes. "Don't...he's just doing what he does best." "You're lucky (y/n) is here. Other wise I'd beat your ass!" "I'm sorry namjoon you didn't even ask so I didn't know you'd think like that." "Uh huh." Namjoon left the room and you heard a door slammed shut. I turned back to him. "Did you really just do that?" I asked "What it was funny. But for real he didn't ask so I didn't say anything." "Taaaaae." I didn't really know what to say to him. He just was gonna do whatever he wanted I couldn't stop him. I looked at Jojo. "Jojo control your boyfriend." I smiled at her and walked out of the room. "Don't you think that was a little much tae?" Jojo said "Maybe but I have to be drastic to get him to admit his feelings." Man I was going to have problems with these two. I walked to Namjoons room and knocked on the door. He didn't answer so I just walked in. He was laying on his bed with his face in the pillow. I ran and jumped on him making it so my stomach was against his back. "Go away." "Nope you can't get rid of me." He rolled over making me fall off of him and land on his bed. "Hey!" I said getting ready to play smack him. What I wasn't expecting was him rolling over so he was on top of me. My heart started racing. "What is your type?" He asked "What? This isn't a conversation we should be having like this." He lowered himself down just a bit. "Come on just answer the question." I couldn't say he was my ideal type. I was in my own world trying to figure out what to say. When I felt his breath on my lips. I blinked. "W...what's your ideal type?" I was blushing hard. "Well....I..." Just then his door flew open. It was Jungkook. Namjoon flew off of me and I sat up. He walked over and grabbed my hand and pulled me off of Namjoons bed. "Seriously namjoon you can't force people to love you!" I was confused what the hell was going on. "I wasn't forcing anything I was asking her a question." "Yea I don't think that's how you ask a question." "Jungkook can you let go of my wrist." "Sorry Noona." "Oh your so cute calling me that." I pinched his cheek. "Hey...I'm just being a brother I don't want someone forcing themselves on you." That's when I hear tae laughing. "He sent you in here didn't he?" "Maybe." "Oh my god....I'm going to beat him." I grabbed kookie and pushed him out the door. "Don't worry he's not forcing himself on me were friends ok." I shut the door and locked it. I looked at namjoon. We both bust up laughing. "These two? I don't know what I'm gonna do." I jumped on his bed again. "So you were saying?" I laid on my side facing him. "I was saying that I asked you first." "Oh your so mean!" I poked him and rolled over to get off the bed. "I'm gonna go." I got to the door and was about to unlock the door when he put his arms around me. "Friends are allowed to do this right?" "Yes." "(Y/n)" He whispered in my ear sending shivers down my back. "Namjoon." "I made a mistake....I....can't be friends with you anymore." My heart broke. If I can't be friends then I'll never see him. "Oh..." I pulled his hands off me and quickly ran out the door. I ran into Jimin. "Hey (y/n) watch where your goi....are you ok?" "I'm fine." I ran past him and slipped my shoes and left. "(Y/n) wait!" I heard namjoon but I wasn't going to stop. I ran all the way home. I know I should have heard him out but I couldn't. I didn't need to know why he wanted to stop being friends....I mean didn't he just say he didn't want me getting hurt then he does that. I washed my face and then I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door. There stood Jimin and Suga. "We just wanted to check on you. What did namjoon say to you?" Jimin asked as they walked into my apartment. "He doesn't want to be friends anymore." "What!?" Suga said "That's bull! Why is he doing this" Jimin said running his hand through his hair. "I'll get over it....I will it's only be 2 months since we met." "He's being stupid! We all know he likes you." Jimin said "Obviously he doesnt." "Trust me he does....he just doesn't know what to do....I've been in that situation before...but I wasn't as dumb as he is about it." Suga said "You know what (y/n) we will piss him off. Come over everyday. Spend all the time you can with us. Just ignore him give him the cold shoulder. Since Jin and Hoseok don't really want to get involved and Jungkooks like a little brother to you and Tae has a girlfriend we will help." Jimin said. "I really don't want to do this anymore. If he likes me why does he have to be so mean." I just didn't want to play this anymore. "We won't let him have a chance to talk to you. Trust us when the time is right we will let him but as of now we wont." "Why is it that you guys just want to help?" "We want him to be happy and we see him being with you is the way to go." Jimin said. "Fine last time...if whatever you guys do doesn't work then I'm just done ok." "Ok" That night we discussed what we were doing. Taes plan had back fired and now it was onto a plan I was apart of. Hopefully after this everything would work out just fine. Since I didn't work the next day they had me come to there dance practice. I met them at there dorm. "(Y/n) I've been waiting for you!" Jimin said hugging me. "I'm here so let's go I wanna see you guys dancing." I smiled. "Suga she's here we can go now." They all started running out. I made eye contact with namjoon and looked down. "(Y/n) ...." his voice was going to kill me. Just then suga came up and put his arm around me. "You are gonna fall hard for me after you see me dancing." He said while pulling me towards the car. I laughed. "Oh really...well that is something I'm looking forward to." "Hey no she's gonna fall hard for me...I mean come on look at me." "Oh is it gonna be a battle between you two over me?" I laughed "Sure why not." They both laughed. They sat next to me In the car. I tried not to look at namjoon but when they were practicing my eyes went to him. When our eyes would lock I'd quickly look away and find Suga or Jimin. When I made eye contact with him he'd pull his shirt up and show me his abs. The first time my reaction was priceless. "Omg! Jimin! Is that real!" I ran over to him and touched his abs. "Ha yea." "Sorry I thought they were fake." "You like?" "I mean there ok to look at but I don't need a guy to have a six pack." "Suga looks like you might get her." "Shut up Jimin." I went and sat down and just watched. After a few hours I ran to get food for everyone. Suga came with me. I was wondering what Namjoon was thinking right now... did he just think of me as an easy girl just making my way through his band mates or did he actually feel jealous. I really wonder if he does like me or if the guys just think he does when he doesnt.
What do you think? It's getting crazy! right? well I wonder how long this will go on. Maybe the next chapter but we are getting to the part I have been waiting for. ....... I'm so excited!!!!
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