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They say that Gwi, The most powerful vampire of all, isn't as dead as everyone thought he was. Well, that's what Bang Haru believes. Sources say that over two hundred years ago, or maybe even 300 years ago, gwi was killed. But it is believed that gwi has returned. No one knows how or why, but he has returned with an army which consists of over 500 plus vampires. Haru has been doing research over the past 10 years of her life, reading through every single internet article that she could find that had to do with gwi's return and existence. Don't misunderstand, Haru does not support him in anyway, and she probably never will. She's simply fascinated by his existence and how he came to be as a vampire.
Haru began to take notes from a certain website, biting her lip in concentration. This article in particular told her that Gwi had ruled over many kings and had killed many innocent people along the way. "Damn..Is he really as scary as everyone says he is?..Why do i find that hard to believe?" she asked herself, laughing quietly. She caught herself laughing and shook her head. The power that gwi has is nothing to joke about, she knew that better than anybody. "You ungrateful brat! Get your Ass down stairs this instant!" her step mother, Han byul yelled. If gwi really was still alive, she would want him to kill her step mother first. No, Haru is not a bad person, but her step mother is. Hanbyul is as cruel as a step mother could get. She treats haru like a slave,but only when her father is at work. "I'm coming!" she groaned and stomped down the stairs, And just as she suspected, there was Hanbyul, standing there with her hands on her hips. "What took you so long?!" She yelled "I'm hungry and impatient right now. Go make me some ramen, But before you do, go and take out the trash" With a huff, she put on a jacket and walked outside. It was extremely cold outside and haru absolutely hated cold weather, she prefers summer over winter. The only thing she truly loved about the winter weather, was the beauty of snow. "Shoot! I forgot the trash bag inside the house!" Haru smacked her forehead. How could she forget the one thing she came outside for? She turned around and was about to go fetch the trash bag, but stopped. The trash bag was only a few inches away from her. But she wasn't the one who placed it there, and she sure as hell knew it was certainly not her step mom. "Okay that's slightly creepy...Maybe i'm just seeing things.." She mumbled and carefully picked up the bag, walking over to the dumpster. With a grunt, she threw the bag into the large dumpster. Haru let out a large sigh "I hate throwing out the trash" with a grumble, she walked back into the house. Little did she know that someone, or something, in particular was watching her from afar. The creature took in a deep breath and sighed in delight "She smells delightful.." A smirk came upon his face.
Haru woke up in the middle of the night, rubbing her eyes tiredly "Why in god's name am i awake?" She whined quietly, sitting up in her bed. She got up and walked downstairs quietly to get a glass of milk. The last thing she wanted to do was wake up her step mother up. While grabbing a glass of water, she heard a noise coming from the back yard. She froze and slowly made her way over to the back door, But what she saw was horrific. There he stood, the one and only vampire, Gwi. His chin had blood dripping from his chin and he was smirking at her. The doors flew open slowly and she gulped, taking a step back. "You know.." His deep voice made her melt. Yes, she was terrified of him, but that doesn't mean she finds him unattractive. "Your blood smells...divine.." He moaned in delight and walked towards her "It seems you've been doing research on me.." Haru took a few steps back, her hands beginning to shake as her heart began beating ever so quickly. "How do you know that? I Know who you are but i never thought you would be alive.." She stuttered, staring up at him "I have my ways..but i shouldn't be wasting my time talking.." He reached forward to grab her and taste her sweet blood, but before he could do so, she had passed out in his arms. Gwi groaned "Why does this happen so often?" He picked her up in his arms and ran off into the night, shutting the door quietly behind him.
Within a few hours, Haru woke up in a soft and comfortable bed. Her eyes danced around the room and that's when she began to panic, She was not in her room, but in a man's room. With a whimper, she threw the blankets over her head and covered her face. The first word that came to her mind was 'Escape' but with as much research as she did on this creature in particular, she knew not to try and escape. If she were to leave this room, Gwi would have her head. From her research, she discovered that Gwi absolutely despised it when someone didn't listen to him. That explains why he killed so many people..
Gwi had entered the room and saw that she wasn't there anymore. He was now fuming with anger and breathing heavily. But he stopped once he took a closer look at the bed. There was a small lump on the bed and he held back a small laugh. Oh how humans amused him. His hand reached out and gently tugged down the blanket, revealing the small girl underneath. He wondered why she hadn't said anything to him, until he realized one small detail. His eyes wondered to her face and he stopped. Her cheeks were wet with tears and she had been curled up in a ball, the side of her cheek pressed against her knee. Gwi felt an unfamiliar pang in his chest. She had cried herself to sleep. He furrowed his eyebrows and picked her up carefully in his arms, walking into the hallway. The wetness on her cheeks seemed to be recent, so she must have fallen asleep not too long ago. The girl in his arms flinched, mumbling incoherent words in her sleep. Gwi let out a small chuckled as he laid her down on his bed, covering her up with the silk blankets. "Human girls are so precious...." He mumbled quietly and hummed, wiping the girls cheeks with his thumbs gently to get rid of the tears He turned around and went to go prepare some food for the human girl, knowing she would be hungry once she awoke. But little did he know that she had woken up just seconds after he had placed her on his bed. Haru was shocked by his behavior. Was Gwi really this nice? But she shook off the thought and gulped. "He probably only wants me for my blood....yeah that's it.." Haru murmured to herself before she rubbed her now red eyes "Why am i so sleepy?" With a small whine, she snuggled into the soft covers and fell asleep once again.
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