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Jinhwan: June aren't I cute?
June: Is hyung serious right now?
* Thinking of ways to kill the bunny for being to close.*
Jinhwan: June why aren't you at practice yet?
* doesn't want to admit he is jealous since he know Jinhwan is doing it on purpose so he walks around without answering him.*
* After looking at the last picture he finally sends him back this.*
Jinhwan: June you can't be serious?!
Jinhwan: You know I love you June!
So Jinhwan kept bugging him until he was forgiven. ( even though June forgave him once he said I love you.) ^_^
They are just too cute ^_^
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2 years ago·Reply
Uh oh I'm starting to ship them Oh god Not again Guys HALP I'm being pulled in I CAN FEEL IT 😳😳😱😱😰
2 years ago·Reply
slow your roll guys, u wreaking havoc, oh my feels! *sighs*
2 years ago·Reply
@Sammie9952 can I get a tag in everything iKON related, I'm new to this fandom and I'm obsessing like crazy
2 years ago·Reply
@LinnyOk of course I love all things ikon related and it's always nice to have other people fan girl along with you. 😁
2 years ago·Reply