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so there are many types of MVs out there right.. I want to take a moment a talk about Kpop MVs that have a storyline but an unexpected ending...its legit like watching a mini kdrama..
so first we have the most recent one I've seen...I'm Young by Winner(Taehyun) OMG I cannot even!!! straight up mini kdrama!!! it's like oh he misses her & he's trying to make it right. awh looks like they're gunna make up now!!! THEN THE ENDING IS LIKE A SLAP IN THE FACE HOLY CRAP. I cannot..like heartbreaking scene...lovely song though
next. we got A Million Pieces by Kyuhyun(Super Junior). Such a cute MV! The whole time its like awhhh go get her Kyu!! Then the ending your just like...oh...what!? noooooo then its sad. Kyu did say he wants us to be sad with him during winter xD he said it's the time of year for sad ballads
ok now going away from the sad endings...AGAIN BY TURBO. I include this one cuz the whole 1st half of the MV your like duuude this is cool OMG why is Kim JongKook so cool~ THEN freakin Lee Kwang Soo comes in with his 'pro' dancing xD literally tears in my eyes from laughing the 1st time I watched it lmao such a catchy song too
alright EXO, drama ep 1 MV...this one is literally a mini drama so idk of this counts but I'm putting it here anyways. It seems like a love story & then the ending the girl is just like...nah. lol like why~
Please Dont by K.Will has got to be an MV with a HUGE TWIST, You're Beautiful by Yu Seung Woo, Whatever by Yu Seung Woo, Wedding Dress by Taeyang But damn the plot twists always kill me inside
kwill please dont
the winner mv is my faaaaav
Married to the music XD it's definitely a story ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@CreeTheOtaku omfg how could I forget that one.....probably like #1 plot twist of an MV!!!!
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