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Hiiii Everyone! So sorry for taking long in putting up the Ikon Screenshot Game! I've been thinking so much of what it should be about and couldn't come up with anything Thank You Unnie @KhrystinaLee for helping me on this game. I couldn't think that well since I got sick and I have a headache but I didn't want to push further this anymore! Hope you enjoy! Also my next Screenshot game will be of 2pm so if you don't know them, I will put a link since I have made a card of them already ^-^ Link to 2pm Card: Anywho let's start! LEGGO!
Writes you a Love Note
Sings you a romantic song
Bought you Roses/Chocolates
Gives you a Massage ;)
Bought you a Big Stuffed Bear
Makes you a candlelit Dinner
Your Valentine is....
Yay! That is all! Hope you Enjoyed this card and make sure to check out the 2PM Card I linked at the top so you know who they are when I make the next Screenshot Game! ;) *DON'T FORGET TO TAG ME ON YOUR RESULTS PLEASE* ♡Thunder Buddies♡ @JaiiPanda @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @Dianabell ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆ Vingle Fam Tags: @Isolate @baileykayleen @bryyyaanna @kpopandkimchi @ninjamidori @KwonOfAKind @ChelseaAustin @Helixx @4dalientae @KeylaMoreno @heidichiesa @catchyacrayon @loftonc16 @QueenLee @StephanieDuong @rapmonjams @KaeliShearer @staceyholley @flxvour @AimeeH @InnocentiaKishi @LexxCisco @ChaHakyum @LinnyOk @DonnaSearles @bubblekookie @SusiBosshammer @KaeliShearer @ChaHaKyum @PrettieeEmm *Let me know if you would like to be tagged on future cards of mine or be untagged*
@KellyOConnor Alrighty Gotcha in the taglist ^-^ And no worries I didn't see you asking me twice haha but even if you did, it wouldn't be annoying :)
@jessicaacosta90 thanks! you can tag me in anything you post! sorry I just realized I asked you twice (that's annoying i know).
@KellyOConnor Gotcha on the list.. Do you Just want to be tagged in Ikon stuff or anything I post? Also Their is an oncoming screenshot story game with Ikon. It's at 3 parts already..
tag me in future please?
@jessicaacosta90 thank you!
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