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It's Single's Awareness Day everybody! But this year, there are 7 boys who want to be my Valentine!
#truth I was tagged by @Baekyeol22 So let's get it started!
Well he is tall and very pretty. Plus we like a lot of the same things, Mario, anything pink. It must have been so secret that not even I knew about it!
I bet they're the most random collection of beautiful flowers ever, and I would love it. Oh, Taehyung, you're too sweet!
For me, Kookie?? Because you're too shy to tell me how you really feel? Ahh!
It'd be one swaglicious meal. He'd either be pimped out in a nice suit or we'd low key kick it.
Wow! He didn't even give me a chance to respond just swooped in there. Hey, I ain't complaining.
Well we're two anime and animal loving weirdos, so it makes eerily perfect sense. In like 99.999999% of these I end up with Taehyung. Half of my heart says Kookie while the other half says Hobi but the universe is like, LOL V.
My thoughts exactly, Drake. I don't know how to handle all this either. Well! Happy V Day everyone!!! Hope you guys enjoyed it!! Tagging some of the homies! @ashleyemmert @VeronicaArtino
@ScarletMermaid Yep!!!So true!!
Haahahahahahhah! ! ! ! The last picture of Drake though!!!!XD. This is TOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Funny!!
@ChelseaGarcia lmao right? Drake feels the fangirl struggle on a spiritual level