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While often written off as 'petty', being mad is a definitely real emotion. Sometimes someone in the office eats the last donut. Sometimes someone on the highway cuts you off. Sometimes a romantic trip to Cabo San Lucas ends with an anonymous local harvesting one of your kidneys. In these cases, it's perfectly valid to be a little tiffed.
But as gratifying as it might feel to raise your middle finger and let out a series of choice bleeps, it's ten times more amusing to create your own cursing. I mean, what's 'Go **** yourself.' compared to 'I hope you get an eyelash permanently stuck in your eye.'?

Below are illustrated examples of funny curses for those that you hate. Can you think of any more?

"Yeah, that's right. I just wished raisins on you."

"You may never be able to park your car again!"

Cue Usher's 'Let It Burn'.

Does this actually happen to people? Because this sounds like the worst.

This happens to me so often that if someone wished this upon me, the curse would be obsolete.

One time when this happened to me, I got spicy ramen broth in my eyeball. I take this one personally.

So what do you guys think? What's your favorite insult? Can you think of any other ones that might be better?
Let me know in the comments below!
"May all your bacon burn." "With every step you make, may there be a Lego waiting." Lol like these two are the only ones I can remember rn 馃槇馃槀
May the bulb in every lamp (or flashlight) you turn on be blown. I think someone cursed me with this one.
The raisins in ur cookies and the parking space ones r ma fav馃槣馃憣馃従 love these
ive had the door thing happen to me. how about every light when you are in a rush be red.
@BluBear07 RIGHT? That happened to me last night lol. I was so pissed.
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