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FT Island's cover of Lady Gaga's Poker Face!!! YES YES HELL YES!!! My god Lee Hongki is just wow I love him, his English is super sexy and yeah hot damn *fan girl moment* *internal screaming* since it's 11:11 pm and everyone is sleeping...AHH yeah okay okay I've got that somewhat out of my system
OMG OMG *paranose* I love it, FT Island covering Green Day!!! One of my favorite bands ahh I can't *seriously I can't stop fan girling right now*
OMG not another one MUSE!! I love MUSE as much as I love Kpop so FT Island covering this song OMG YES!!!
Okay, I had to through this in here because I love Radio Head and this song...and Lee Jae Jin's voice is beautiful I love it
Okay I'm done...I just get excited okay super excited with my favorite bands and groups
@kpopandkimchi ikr he is amazing I love him just as much as I do Key
Hongki could sing anything, ALLL day and I'd be happy