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The lovely and hilarious @LizArnone tagged me in her Describe Your Valentine's Day In 5 Gifs challenge, so I have decided to do it right now! I hope you enjoy this webcomic of Existential Cupid Sloth. (I hope one day he meets a far less cynical Cupid Sloth that changes his mind about a few things.)
Anyway, I'm not going to tag anyone, BUT if you're into doing this challenge yourself, feel free and tag me in it so I can read your thoughts on V-Day too!

How does Valentine's Day make you feel?

A Valentine's Day without chocolate is like lungs without oxygen.

What would be the best gift to ever receive on Valentine's Day?

All the seafood. So much seafood. Bring on the lobster please.

Worst possible thing to happen on Valentine's Day?

Being sick on Valentine's Day would be the worst! I was actually SUPER sick last week, but fortunately, I was all good by V-Day! #blessed

What's your favorite Valentine's Day food?

I will forever relate to the episode of 'I Love Lucy' when Lucy and Ethel are going ham on a conveyor belt of chocolates.
So that's my response! I have no idea how this all ended up being about food, but YOLO!

Let me know if you guys end up making one too!

U're a seafood lover too!! I had lobsters, calamari, oysters n crab soup for dinner yesterday!!馃槃
@humairaa THEY ARE. Especially grilled. <3
@humairaa DID YOU? I'm so jealous. Those are all some of my favorite seafoods. ESPECIALLY squid. <3
Oh man. How did I not know you were a I Love Lucy fan?! I'm obsessed with it!
@danidee yes i did!!! yeah squids are so freaking delicious!!馃憣
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