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Today marks a very special day for Starlight's and Vixx members. Today is Ravi's birthday!!!
Ravi may be the most well known member in Vixx, however his personality is often overlooked. He is the only rapper in Vixx and has proven himself to very talented at what he does, however he has also proven that he can do much more than just rap. He blends well in Vixx, and makes this group complete.
From composing, singing, rapping, playing, caring for the members, gaining positive press, there is nothing this man can't do. He has always been there for Vixx and guards them all in his own secretive ways. He is much more caring than he would like to show, even if it is no longer a secret. All starlight's are aware of his protective nature XD It has been an honor to be able to see him develop and grow as time goes on.
This year is only beginning, yet he has shown so much. Vixx has been very active and more and more Ravi's infinite talents are being recognized. I pray that as this year things continue to go well for him. I look foreword to being able to see him develop even more in the future. Ravi saranghae!!!!
You wrote such a nice tribute to him! He is an extraordinary person!
I love you Ravi! 😍😍😍
I love Ravi he πŸ”₯
Yes!!! Let's give it up for Ravi!!! This boy is beyond talented! Not to mention dazzling~ πŸ˜‰