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Hello Vingle fam! October is here with one of his Pokemon cards! I'm working hard on an October Reviews for Pokemon Origins as well as multiple top 10 lists for the rest of the month. I have more lists and reviews than I have days until the 27th so expect an influx in Pokemon posts in the next couple days. Hopefully the October Reviews will be ready by tomorrow morning. In the mean time enjoy my ranking of every Eeveelution from least to most favorite. **usual general disclaimers** As with all the lists and content this is strictly my opinion and may not reflect which one is more popular, strongest, it even most useful in battle. I will also point out, that even the lowest ranking doesn't mean I hate them (you'll know if October does hate a pokemon trust me). I may not like them but it's only my opinion and if you do like them I mean no disrespect. On to the list! Side note: I know these pokemon can be of either gender, but I do have a tendency to assign one or the other to each one. It can be due to color, the gender the ones I raised are, or any reasons. I'm not saying colors or looks need to be gender specific and I try to limit gender specific pronouns as much as possible, so before anyone starts claiming a sexist just know it may get mentioned. If there are significant differences in appearances between genders of Pokemon, I will do my best to match the pictures to my descriptions. <I feel that I especially should mention this for Eeveelution since I see most as female even though, in the games, Eevee has a much greater chance of being male>
Sylveon: And already I feel like I lost a lot of you. Sylveon certainly has become quite popular as it showcases the new fairy type really well, looks intoxicatingly cute, and is one of the few Eeveelution that can actually hold its own in higher competitive tiers. Pros: October believes that Sylveon is the second best fairy type (if you allow dual types to be included) in the games at the time of this writing (ORAS era). It has amazing power, looks absolutely beautiful, isn't seen everywhere as a misrepresentation of what it was originally supposed to be, and, like every new generation of Eeveelution, has a new unique mechanic to evolve using the Poke-amie (which October loves if for no other reason than he can actually pet his Pokemon!). This Pokemon is shown to basically be affection incarnate evolving from high affection in Poke-amie to holding trainers hands with the ribbons around its neck. October's favorite thing about Sylveon is its design with the bows and the ribbons. Anytime an Eeveelution is used by a reoccurring or main character, it gains bonus points and Serena's is no exception. Cons: October's least favorite thing about Sylveon is its design with the bows and the ribbons......when grouped with the other Eeveelutions. Sylveon looks amazing but at the same time when grouped with all the others, it appears over designed. October really likes how all the evolutions work off each other with subtle differences but can blend well and look like a true team as a group. Sylveon stands out so much that it is off putting. I understand that was probably the idea but when talking specifically about Eeveelutions, it is too much. Individually Sylveon has one of my favorite looks and is a great member of the newest type. It just throws off the team look enough to rank the lowest on this particular list.
Leafeon: Here is an Eeveelution that I hear basically nothing about. From competitive points of view it has physical promise in both offensive and defensive fronts for lower tiers but that's usually all the discussion I get about Leafeon. To be honest, while I did evolve some it was more for Pokedex completion than to train. Pros: It is adorable (yes all of them are but it's still a plus). The fur color really works in conveying a woodland fox-like creature and it is one of the few time I felt that changing the Eeveelution eye color from the usual solid black really helped give it more identity. The leaf accents are integrated well, except for the big one on the forehead. Cons: Outside of the look, Leafeon really has little else to draw me to it. Even its shiny form is basically just slight tone differences. You almost couldn't tell the shiny and normal apart. Leafeon is not helped by the fact that October is reserved when it comes to grass types as a whole and there are some really good ones that outclass the rest.
Glaceon: I feel really bad that the three most current Eeveelutions are on the bottom of this list. Even worse that Glaceon and Leafeon are one after the other as it makes me look like a favorer of the older forms just because they're older. It isn't the case as many of my favorite Pokemon ever are rather new, but the Eeveelutions just seem to not be able to stand to my favorites as time goes on. Glaceon, like Leafeon usually generates little discussion in my experience but Glaceon does seem to have found some fans. Pros: Yes it's cute, October is required to list that as a pro every time. Glaceon more specifically benefits from a great color pallette in both normal and shiny forms. The blue accents and the design of the dangles on its head looks really cool (pun semi-intended). Plus Glaceon is a member of the Ice types which is a thematically cool typing that October wishes got more live in both the anime and games. Though the fact that May's Eevee did become Glaceon in the anime is a big boost, the real reason it is ranked higher than Leafeon is because Ice types are strong against Grass types; I'm not kidding that's what it had to come down to for these two. Cons: Similar to its grass counterpart Glaceon has little else besides aesthetics and theme to give it pull. Competitively it does have decent bulk in the lower tiers it is often seen in but the move pool is lacking. I think the locational specific method of evolving Glaceon and Leafeon is the weakest of all the methods as it came after Umbreon and Espeons and felt like the creative teams just couldn't come up with a better way than evolution stones...so they used landmark stones that you can't carry with you.
Flareon; October will admit that when he first got into Pokemon, the idea of multiple evolutions bugged him. This was the days of the original Red and Blue versions and Gold and Silver where to even get multiple versions of an Eevee required a cloning trick, a lot of casino coins, or a link cable and a trusted friend with their own copies of the games. October was lacking on all but the cloning method and he had little patience back then. The thought of choosing the "weak" or "wrong" evolution was haunting to me when I first started. Since then, I've gotten better at just training the types I want and battling anyone regardless of tier whether than meant success or failure (sadly it usually means failure still). I bring this up because I find Flareon grossly underrated as a fire type and an Eeveelution. Pros: It pretty. Not just cute, but pretty. That puffy mane and tail along with the stunning red fur and (at the time) trademark black eyes is incredible. Flareon is a Pokemon that embodies the fashion show in my eyes. It's shiny form is equally as good in that while it is more of a light orange it almost looks like a golden colored Eevee. Competitively, Flareon is a physical based fire type, which was a lot less common than now. The role Flareon played in Twitch Plays Pokemon was great and the fan idea of it being a bringer of havoc makes Flareon even cooler to me (October is a follower of the Dome). Cons: In battle every niche Flareon could fill to help itself out also hinders it. Being a physically attacking fire type severely limited what it could do well. By the time more respectable physical fire attacks were added, a whole bunch of new physical attacking fire pokemon were added as well. This coupled with the problems all Fire types face only serves to hinder this firery force further.
Jolteon: Jolteon was the uncontested king of popularity with the original Eeveelution trilogy. Arguably, he still is today. It's easy to see why, the sharp quills, the slender athletic build (compared to the other original Eeveelutions), and the color of lightning makes Jolteon a truly intimating yet cool and confident Pokemon. Pros: Badass over cute this pokemon looks cool as hell but still has a cute side. Jolteon has always been a benchmark Pokemon in terms of speed. In older generations he was often the mark to beat while today he still outclasses basically everything in the tier he is usually used in. Jolteon boasts a nice special attack stat as well and with immunity to the common speed reducing attacks, Jolteon is sure to get a few nice smacks in even its defenses are lacking. Jolteon is also one of, if not the only, offensive Baton Passers in all of Pokemon. Cons: Truly the low defenses are really the main issue that hold Jolteon back. Even though it deals tremendous amount of punishment it struggles to take any hits back. Jolteons's speed is hard to beat but no longer impossible, and, if beat to a punch, Jolteon usually goes down before it can bring the pain that made it popular. Also, its shiny I'd green and there are few Pokemon that can pull that off...Jolteon isn't one of them.
Espeon: Espeon was my answer to the Alakasam lovers in the Gold and Silver days. Powerful, fast, and beautiful, this cat could dominate entire teams unless a specific counter was sent forth. Pros: If Flareon is the beauty to draw attention, Espeon is the gorgeous one that holds it and commands the room. The Pokedex describes its fur as velvet and I won't argue. The split tail and gem give Espeon distinctive look that is hard to beat. Espeon also sports a speed just below Jolteon, in fact, the two's stats are exactly the same except speed and special attack power is switched (though this stats distribution is similar for all the Eeveelutions). The highest special attack power of all the Eeveelutions (tied with Glaceon), Espeon can unleash the multitude of high damaging attacks available to the Psychic types. The ultimate reason it beat out Jolteon for this spot however, was the introduction of the Magic Bounce ability that allowed Espeon to hold a spot in top tier play until Magic Bounce rivals and Sylveon pushed it down a notch. Cons: Glass cannon syndrome. While Espeon has a decent special defense, it suffers from low physical bulk and low overall health (again same as Jolteon). This is more due to psychic typing than Espeon specific. Even with a healing move, magic bounce to avoid status impairments, and the ability to set up defensive screens with reliable speed Espeon is much better used as Sweeper with its powerful attacks. But those powerful attacks are rather limited meaning if that specific counter does show up, Espeon can get walled. Unlike Jolteon, Espeon can't Volt Switch out to maintain momentum either so once it's on the field it needs to do the damage or risk losing its chance to set up. Final similarity to Jolteon, Espeon also does not pull off the color green.
Eevee: I know some of you are thinking Eevee shouldn't count on the list of its evolutions but I disagree. Without the little fluff we wouldn't have the others to begin with and it is only fair to include Eevee on the list. But why so high up? Well... Pros: He is cute. No, not like I'm required to say it like all the others on this list. Eevee is the cutest Pokemon of all I'm my opinion (someone direct October where to get a good looking and good quality plush please). Eevee has been used by multiple main characters and a slew of secondary characters. He has an entire episode devoured to why he is cool even when not evolved I'm the original series of the anime. Eevee has one of the best shiny variants in all of Pokemon with the awesome white fur. Eevee is the definition of potential and can utilize a huge variety of movesets for battling. Cons: Variety doesn't always translate to success. Eevee is an unevolved Pokemon, so unless battling similar Pokemon obviously he doesn't see much action in true battles. Even against similar unevolved Pokemon, and despite his comparative defensive bulk, Eevee tends to either has useless moves or moves something else could do better. Eevee is my answer to which Pokemon needs a mega-evolution. I mean seriously, Eevee can be or become 9 out of 18 types of Pokemon yet can't mega-evolve. It would need to be Eevee exclusive as well as a draw to not evolved the little guy (something that thanks to various stones, location, time of day, and even Poke-amie is almost impossible to keep him from doing). Few locations, if any to catch this thing! Seriously, why did not take the better part of 6 generations of games for there to be a pre Elite Four wild Eevee? This generation even kept the tradition of an Eevee being gifted to the player and still gave us a place to catch our own.
Vaporeon: During the old days when I did not appreciate the multiple evolutions of Eevee I was enamored with Vaporeon. The mermaid look on the Eeveelution was one of the most original designs of Pokemon of the first 151 in my opinion at the time. It just looked cool; graceful like a mermaid but I also imagined it being able to feign shark with the fin on its head. Plus in the anime acid armor made it turn invisible (October later learned how ridiculous the anime took some things). Pros: Like many others Vaporeon is a bulky water type. Of the Eeveelutions Vaporeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, and Sylveon(ish) strike me as the defenders. Vaporeon had the highest health of the group and that covers for its average physical defense. It's special defense is amazing and respectable (tied for second highest) special attack means Vaporeon can dish out nice hits too. The best wish-passer since the change to allow wish to go off the max health of the Pokemon that used if, Vaporeon is often a strong switch and heal player. Water Absorb allows for some outside healing and an easy switch. Cons: Vaporeon can get set up on pretty easy unless it takes a phasing move. If it does, it loses some of the team utility it excels at. Four move syndrome seems to sometimes hinder me with Vaporeon as taking a second offensive move limits the overall healing that Vaporeon can provide since baton pass is commonly run.
Umbreon: What?! A guy named October likes the dark type moonlight Pokemon! Shenanigans!! Yes, Umbreon, the first dark type listed by the Pokedex, the first pure dark type (for a while the *only* pure dark type), and my absolute favorite Eeveelution. Umbreon was the first Pokemon I ever bred for nature, shiny form, moves, and IV/EV values. And then was the first Pokemon I did so for again a second time in two games. And it will be the first I do for a third time as the previous times were before pokebank and have since been lost. Umbreon has been my favorite Eeveelution since its introduction and shows no sign of changing soon; only a poison and/or ghost type (dragon would have to be done so impossibly well for an Eevee that I rarely even consider it) Eeveelution would have a chance at taking the top spot and even then it would be a challenge. Pros: Umbreon magnificent in its looks. While it was the first to break the traditional all black eyes (admittedly it had to) the red eyes didn't cause it to stand out as drastically as Sylveon's features. The smooth, black coat with the moons rings give Umbreon an air of class. Umbreon is Jolteon without the arrogance that Jolteon carries itself with in my eyes. Umbreon is a tank by every meaning of the word. The highest overall defenses and the only Eeveelution to have its two highest stats in both defense and the third in health, Umbreon takes just about any hit thrown its way. Abilities to either resist flinching (like a good tank would) or inflicting its opponents with the same status effect it just took, make Umbreon an true defensive irrigation for an opponent. Plus Umbreon has access to two healing moves, both of which are huge given its health stat (though admittedly less than Vaporeon), can baton pass like all the Eeveelutions (October does not Baton Pass with Umbreon but instead slow passes the wish heals), and was built to be a stalker. Umbreon has known several truly evil movesets from trapping a foe with poison, to just outlasting the damage so poison does all the work. The description of Umbreon even talks about it using poison sweat on foes so running Toxic on it is thematically correct as well. Umbreon can even vary its movesets based on nature to be a wish and heal bell cleric, a sassy curse and payback striker, or a true stall trapper. Cons: Umbreon has almost no offensive threat. Even if running a more attack oriented threat like curse and payback, Umbreon needs the set up to make it work. Umbreon cannot hide the various movesets well as four move syndrome sets in and the first move used gives the rest of the set away. Like Vaporeon, Umbreon can get set up on (though toxic helps and foul play makes physical set ups pay for trying). From a look stand point, even though I love his look, Umbreon appears to be the most under designed of all the Eeveelutions. One solid color and some moon representing circles. Even then shiny form only changes the circles (October does prefer shiny Umbreon however).
There you have it Vinglers! October's ranking of the Eeveelutions!!
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true...I'm not saying I'd be ranked super high otherwise but definitely better than low bronze see I think old school fairies would partner with dark. they're craft malevolence would frustrate dragons. it makes sense for poison to bring these fairies down, not steel, and fairy attacks are even weaker against fire (ad a demon spawn couldn't strike back against the hell they're born from). It just is weird because I felt like dark was balanced as the counter to the formerly overpowered psychics but took a weakness to fighting and bugs (who needed something to be strong against)
@Octoberhymns I feel that. I was gold once but I just don't have the free time I used to. that makes sense, but I just don't see an individual fairy being all that effective on a dragon. but even with that line of thought, I think that they could've called it imp type and done a lot the same thing but made it at least a small bit better.
I think of the fairy utilizing illusion and deception against a dragon's brute strength. The trickery and speed able to win against the larger sized dragons. Perhaps fairies wouldn't best down a dragon but would instead just resist them. In the regard I could see the fairy type keeping it's resistance to dragon and dark but why have it so offensively dominant when it already is only really weak to two types that don't have much in terms of offensive strength (since poison and steel are used for defense too). I think they gave too much offensive power to a type meant for defense and didn't balance it with equal weaknesses. Also I'd so use Imp type Pokemon but guess that naming convention is where our age comes into play versus younger crowds.
This is a fantastic card! Great read! :)
@poojas thank you!