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To be fair, that's got to be the nicest calligraphy of the letter 'K' that I have ever seen. Such grace, such curve, such... brevity.
Is it safe to say, at this point, that 'K' is the most hated letter in the alphabet?
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Hahaha my mom is the one in my family that always responds with "k" it's so annoying!
Lol the same thing just in letter form.
so many people shorten words now especially when using WhatsApp. mind you predictive text doesn't help much lol.
funny and true, I had a pen pal for years that I felt the same about, the wait was long and sometimes disappointed when I got the letter. haha
Every time someone responds to me with a K my eye twitches all crazy and I get the sudden urge to kick a small child into the sun. Jk but damn I hate this kinda bs though.