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Soooo I missed all the other days, even though I had been planning to this from the beginning!!!! I just don't have that much time during the week... So I at least had to try finishing one of these. I really am doing this one last minute, but hopefully I'll do better on the next marathon cx I wish I was able to finish the other cards for this marathon >.>
So I had to post their song Bang Bang Bang because it was the first song that I ever found by Big Bang!! I know I know, I haven't been a fan for that long :l But this is the song that made me want to check out their other songs and such. And G-Dragon caught my eye almost automatically in this video, which made me choose him as my bias. Not regretting my decision at all!!! I will admit, when I first watched this I kind of regretted finding K-Pop because Big Bang scared me with their weirdness, but now I'm in love with K-Pop and Big Bang's weirdness!!!! It was exactly what I need in my life ^-^
Monster was another song that made me really fall in love with Big Bang because the song meaning really got to me since I guess I can kind of relate in some aspects. I also just loved the music video since they looked so cool as monsters!! I will admit that I thought that G-Dragon was Daesung when he had his white hair because I was used to Daesung having his hair covering his face all the time XD Don't blame me! I was a baby VIP when I found this video and I was just figuring them out!!
Sober was another song that really made me fall in love with Big Bang because of how silly the video was, but at the same time how serious the meaning behind the song is. I just really really like the meaning behind the song and I just love the song and music and just basically everything about this song. When I first found this song I thought the video was really funny, but there was a part of me that was sad because the song made them sound like they were pleading, in a way, then I searched up the lyrics and realized just how sad it was and just how true the song is. So there's no doubt that this is my favorite song by them.
I had to add Crooked to this because this was the song that made me know for sure that G-Dragon is my bias. First, he looks hot as hell with white hair. Second, which is the most important, is just how sad the song and, at the same time, how dark it is. I just really love this song and after I searched up the lyrics for it, I knew for sure that GD was my bias. It's hard for me to explain, but if you just listen to the song and watch the music video then maybe you guys can relate...? I don't know, but it's also another song that makes me want to cry every time I listen to it. I really like this song.
Well this is what Big Bang has done to me and some of my favorite experiences I've had with them. I really love these guys and I wish that I had found them years ago, but sadly I didn't. I hope to continue finding more songs that I like by them and just stay with them for a long time. I hope you guys continue loving them too, and just continue being fantastic right alongside them!!!!

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I have no one really to tag so I'm sorry if I tag you in this and you didn't really want me to tag you in it. I'm sorry!!! *-*
@lovetop @KwonOfAKind Yay!!!! Thank you so much!!!!
@CrookedShadow we r the ↝nice↜ working hard Squad team @helixx who work hard on late night... We love your card!!! and noticed u work hard too.
@Helixx @lovetop Oh my!! Thank you both for working so hard!! And to the other members of the Squad team!!!! I really love looking at the games and cards you post!! They always make me smile ^-^
Congrats. @lovetop and I were up late, working hard, making sure you were entered. Loved the card.
@CrookedShadow Congrats to winning!!!
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