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Ryeowook twitter update
뮤지컬 제작 발표회 ~!!! 트로이, 가브리엘라의 아름다운 첫 입맞춤 기대해주세요 ~ (작년 그리스 산토리니 sunset 바라보는 려욱) Musical "Highschool Musical" Release Press Conference ~!!! Please anticipate for Troy, Gabriella's beautiful first kiss* ~ (Picture from last year, Ryeowook watching the sunset at Santorini) *The phrase here can also mean "teamwork/to work together" (6 hours ago) 히어링려욱 고마워요 Thank YU 금요일에 슈키라에 도착한 음식 ^^!! 잘 먹었어요~~!!b Thank you Hearing-Ryeowook. Thank YU. Food support that came to Sukira on Friday ^^!! I ate well~~!!b (4 hours ago)
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