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Exo'luxion LA
I died several times. LA was both a good and bad experience for me. First, the GA ticket line was not very well organized and we got in really late. For everyone in GA, it was ridiculous what I had to experience. I almost cried. Apparently, there was a capacity limit in the GA standing area which I didn't know of. I lined up with a girl I just met then quickly went to the bathroom but I wasn't allowed back in when I came back. Thankfully, only one side was blocked so I went in from a different entrance. It sucked that a few girls got kicked out because they tried to sneak in and shoved the staff. Overall, it still was great. I got to see my hubby, Baekhyun and my second bae, Chanyeol. They're so much better looking in real life and their English was adorable. It was so insane how literally everyone I talked to was all for chanyeol. I can't wait for the next time I come, but it better be organized a whole lot better.
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Just barely. I can barely walk and I have a horrible sore throat. I'd gladly go again though haha. It was worth the pain
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