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I'm a manga buff anime seasons literally mean nothing to me unless it's a series which has no manga and then I actually look into it in the case of AoT second season means people finally caught up and I'm just like yeah that happened what two years ago? Don't get me wrong I'm happy people enjoy anime just wish the ones that are well known or popular didn't get so polarized like AoT naruto and Sao
@Jason41 I like you
Thank ya kindly @MalcolmAllen but at the same time I still rage when people don't read the manga and I'm like you do realize how much context battles and plot you missed out on for filler tv executives butting in and time constraints right? Right?! RIGHT?! Rants by Jas
@Jason41 I don't watch anime often I'm usually reading the manga thats why I'm not hyped about the new season of Aot
You mean AoT isn't the Japanese version of The Hobbit?!