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Down the page for Live Recaps _________________________________________ It's a new Drama, New excitement, new characters to Fall For! I had to do Recaps for this Drama and share it with you guys, because i have a feeling that it's the only one out there with an..Original story, among all the 'Deja vu' that Im getting from the other new Dramas. So, if you wanna experience Live story telling while the action is taking place in Korea, and don't have to wait days for the full video (Not crappy full video) to come out, then more waiting for decent english subs, Join me, TOnight, at 10PM Korea time (1PM GMT)! Have you 'Healthy' snacks around, and make sure to keep refreshing the page to be able to get the added updates every minute! Also..INTERACT! Trust me, it's so much more fun to know that there's someone else out there sharing your same joy about a certain moment in the drama, or have someone agree with your frustration when less joyful things suddenly happen! ________________________________________ The episode starts with a street from what it seems to be, Korea in the early decades of the Last century. But, there is a funeral ceremony. A huge and official one, to some Japanese High official that got killed? Oh~ This is the time Korea was under the reign of Japan! Korean simple citizens suddenly start getting beaten by all the Japanese officers. Suddenly, this one Officer appears on a white Horse! It's the Character that is supposed to be called Lee Kang-To, but isn't he Korean? why is he on the side of the Japanese? As he yells at all and orders them to pay respect to the Gone Japanese High official, there is this Rock! That comes flying and almost got him in the face! It was thrown by Mogdan! One brave Girl, who seems to be part of the revolution movement against Japan. Unlucky for her, she gets caught, and just when Kangto slaps her in the face, and is about to go once more, OH-MY-GOD! Unbelievable! An all white dressed up mystery man, wearing traditional Korean clothes, and wearing on his face what it looks like another korean representative item, a MAsk! He came to the rescue! First of all, i have to tell you that for a first episode, the action is BREATH-TAKINGLY COOL! Later that day, Kang-to still gets rewarded with a medallion for his service and Courage? At the ceremony, you finally discover that, among the officers, you have the Japanese ones, then you have the Korean ones. Betrayors? I don't know the history behind this, let's wait and see. One thing is for sure though, THEY GET TO PARTY! What a scene! This is truly a revolutionary drama for Korea! I love how they recreated the Clubs, or more The Dancing Bars of the time, The beautiful dresses etc..Kangto and his beautiful girls are dancing all over, like choreographed dancing im telling you! A must watch scene, you'll love it. The next day, at the market, there is this fight between these 2 ladies, and one the lady's son comes to defend her. He's actually..not normal, Brain wise. He gets beaten really bad. Kangto passes by by his car, he suddenly stops to offer Candy to the kids...Wait what? He's not totally a lost cause after all! Then he hears the Woman's pleading to save her son! He jumps out of his car and runs following the voice! Oh no..That's actually his own Mother and disabled Big Brother. They even still together." All you do is stand and watch you human trash? cant you hear her crying for help?" He shouts at the crowd watching, after he chases away the guy who is beating his brother. But, his mother seems not at all happy to see him interfere. Actually, she's not happy to see him at all. Now We understand how Kangto has always hated life in the countryside, and how he actually left and cameback several times under his Anger crisis. Until he finally found a good way to spend more time out of there, by joining the Enemy's army, ignoring the fact that he comes from a family of which the father is the founder of the Liberation Movement. Wait..While his mother is having this flashback of their old happy life, we discover that Big brother Kangsan was totally fine and normal, before he gets caught and tortured by the Japanese for following his father's footsteps. Now, Kangto leaves Home. Kangsan is running after his car like a little kid. Kangto visits this little cute elementary school. There, the Home teacher seems to be loved, and is extremely good looking. A lot to look forward to in this drama girls LOL From his name, i believe he's Japanese, Kimura! Kangto asks him out for a moment, next thing you know, the 2 are fighting each other with swords!! They seem..pretty close actually..Right after their practice, Kangto opens up to Kimura, who quickly manages to cheer him up! I love this whole Bromance Going on in so many ways. There is a circus in town? Wow, a huge scale Circus, where more new characters and stories are being introduced! Serenamia? i hope i heard her name well EMBARASSED anyways, she's performing chinese arts, and is a Pro! But she soon appears to have a dark story behind. A long time ago, you see her and another boy, slightly older than, her, being chased by..slave hunters? i don't know, but i know they were after them! The boy suddenly tries to have all the attention on him, so that she gets a chance to run away, but before:"As long as you survive, i promise to come and find you, Wherever you are, i will find you". These were his last words before he runs, attracting all the scary men after him! Since then, it seems like she's been thinking of him only, waiting for the day he'll show up as he promised. Away from there..Remember Mogdan, the brave girl who threw a rock at Kangto? Her father is on trial!! And guess what? Kangto is there to witness it all, and seems to be enjoying a little too much. I can't believe he's even taking photos with her father and the rest of the Korean prisoners before they get sentenced!! How sick is it for a Fellow Korean?? Mogdan somehow fights her way to the court and gets in, and can't stand that sight! She attacks Kangto on a failing attempt to save him! Again, same scenario as last time, but without the Gagsital (Bridal masked man)! WAIT!!! IM WRONG LOL Gagsital is again for the rescue of everyone!! Absolutely Superbe Action! The fight scene between him and Kangto is definelty among the things to look forward to, guys! Both manages to escape, but are still trapped in the building, and Gagsital suddenly leaves the fight (he was clearly wining). It seems that he's somehow always there JUST to save her. Hmm.. Wait, both Mogdan and her father manage to flee the building, then we see Gasital? i think it's Him, running right after them too! But OH NO! KAngto has a clear shot!! And he chooses GASITAL! HE SHOT HIM! He runs to see who's behind the mask!! Im also curious!!...ITS NOT HIM! lol Thank God! Gagsital is at the office of the one of the Main Korean Heads working for the Japanese colonization! Next thing you know...The traitor gets what he deserves! To be exact. he gets thrown out of the window! Wait..KANGTO S BIG BRO IS COMING OUT OF NO WHERE He is following some officers on their normal drill, but he thinks they're fooling around so he's after them,,,ITS ALL CLEAR! Did you get it too guys? Kangsa, who we thought was a mentally disabled guy, is actually Gagsital!! The Hero of the series! Now Mogdan is holding a letter. where her father is saying goodbye, as he doesn't want to have her get in more deep troubles, if he stays around. Back at Kangto At the morgue, they found out that The killed Korean head working for the Japanese has this mark on his body. It appears to be Gagsital's signature! Both Kangto and another Japanese officer, who sees Kangto as a rival, vow to catch and Kill Gagshital! That night, Kangto, totally unaware that he's on a plan to kill his own brother, gets taken aback by Gagsital Our hero is right there waiting for him, with the gun targeting Kangto's back! END _________________________________________ Ep 2 (Coming up tonight 05/31 same time). http://www.vingle.net/posts/14615-Bridal-Mask-Ep-2-Live-Recaps-1PM-GMT-31-05
i was like noooo way anybody can land with no broken legs, wearing heels on top of it all jumping from up there! For the brother, i dunno why he turned like that...lets wait to see...
yeah seems like the gaksital is kangto's brother. im curious too @leegloria22, on what happen to his big brother . seems like he's doing fine based on the flashback. and did i say the girl is kick-ass sexy!!! i love hse's flying here and there LOL!
there are a lot of mysteries in this drama, and characters have each a story, sooooooo Refreshingly Different!!
im officially loving this show!! im so loving the action !
I think that gaksital is his brother xD
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