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He sat there and watched her walk around looking at the art. Even though he was there for the art he could not help, but watch her walk. He felt like he was stalking her when she walked outside to take pictures of the artwork and he followed. He couldn't help, but be memorized by how she looked along with how she looked when she was concentrating with her camera. He never believed in love at first sight. However, now he did. He wanted to talk to her wanted to know her name. Maybe he could get her number that way they could communicate and maybe become friends that might lead to something else. That is what he hoped however.

While he was walking up to her he stopped when a guy walked up. They hugged each other before walking away. He was dumbfounded and felt stupid to assume that he hoped for something with her.

"Hyung." He looked over to see Jungkook standing behind him.

"What?" he asked Jungkook. Annoyed and embarrassed thinking that Jungkook saw what he did.

"We have a fan meeting to get to. Everyone is in the van and they sent me to get you." Jungkook said to him.

'Damn it I forgot and was entranced by a girl. What the hell was even thinking.' He thought looking back to where the girl was before leaving with that guy that showed up.

"Alright let's go before they leave without us." He told Jungkook and they both walked to where the van was. When they arrived at the van some girls started to shout and ran over to BTS. Both of them rushed to get in the van as fast as they could. They were fast enough to the point that their manager didn't wait for them to get in their seats. When they both sat in their sears Jungkook started to talk with Jimin and Taehyung.

"Here Yoongi." Said Jin handing him a packed lunch. Yoongi, known as Suga, took the lunch and started to eat. He and the other members knew that today was going to be another long day filled with fan meetings and preparations for another world tour. The reason why they stopped at the art gallery was to ask for a section to place photos of their world tour. Of course that would be when they returned.

Even though Yoongi wasn't that hungry he still ate. Though he was not able to get her out of his mind. She was shorter then him, golden brown curly hair, and blue eyes. She looked like she was western, but had that Asian look to her. Though what caught his attention was the camera that she had. Yoongi had a hobby taking pictures and he was always looking at different camera's when he had the time.

"So hyung who was that girl who caught your eye?" Jungkook asked breaking Yoongi out of his thoughts. Yoongi doesn't show much expression, but with Jungkook asking him that caught him off guard.

"I have no idea what you are talking about." Yoongi said trying not to show that he was surprised and caught thinking about her.

"Sure hyung if that is what you say." Jungkook said and let it go which was a surprise as he was always trying to get information out of the members' when it comes to girls.

Yoongi knew that the girl that he saw today that image was going to stay with him. Though he didn't need that image of her while he was seeing ARMYs during the fan meeting. Though he failed half the time after they arrived at the venue for the fan meeting.

"Suga you seem distracted today, are you feeling ok?" A fan asked him as she was making her way to the end where he was at. Though she wasn't the first one to ask him that. He was distracted as he kept thinking that the girl that he saw would show up. Well he hoped that she would until his mood went sour thinking about the guy that she was with. Of course he never showed how upset he was when he thought of that around the ARMYs.

"I'm great just didn't get enough sleep that's all." He would say to all the fans when they asked him. He would put on his sweet smile for them. The whole fan meeting went smoothly with the ARMYs. Receiving gifts and also thanking the ARMYs for always being there for them. This is what they did and Bangtan was always grateful for the love and support that they received from the ARMYs.

Since Bangtan was so grateful the put on a mini concert for the ARMYs. Just a small preview for when Bangtan kicked off their world tour starting in Seoul. After the fan meeting they went back to BigHit to practice some more. While they practice Yoongi was able to focus better and soon he forgot what happened that day. Well that is what he thought during their practice.


"Hello this is Peyton's Photography how may we help you?" answered the owner of Peyton's Photography.

"Hello this is BigHit Entertainment. We are calling to see if you would like to take an opportunity to take photos of BTS while they are on their world tour." The person who is from BigHit said to her.

"And why would you like me to do that along with being around a worldly known group?" She asked confused.

"We have seen you work and personally some of the stuff here at BigHit loves you work. We have spoken to the head of BigHit and he was the one who would like you to do this."

"Well I understand, but would the BTS members' be ok with this?" She asked.

"Well what we could do is for the next few days they will practicing and getting ready for their three-day concert to kick off the start of the world tour. Even though the concert is not for another month they still have to film experts when they are changing stages. How about you come and start taking photos of them getting ready. Doing this you will be able to get to know the members."

"I understand that, but I haven't even said yes to this."

"From the last time that we spoke your partner said that you would be ok with this. He told us that when we called to ask again that you would still be alright with it. Come to BigHit tomorrow and spend a day with BTS. From there you can let us know what you are thinking." With that the person on the other line hung up.

Peyton closed her eyes and could not believe that Jong had already told them that she would do this. Though she was not getting many calls and appointments for work. She would have to think about it before jumping the gun.

Jong walked in and noticed that Peyton was at her computer working. Though she had this look that Jong knew not to enter.

"Jong can you come here and look at this." She called out to him as he was planning to walk away. Peyton saw him backing away. She knew that he knew that she was pissed at him.

"What is it that you wanted me to look at?" He asked walking over to her desk.

"What is this that supposedly I am Bangtan's photographer. They called me and told me to think about. However, they already have me listed as one of the workers during their world tour." She pointed to her name on the computer for him to see.

Jong looked and sure enough her name was on there.

"Well maybe they saw how well you take pictures and they want you to work for them. Plus, I think it would be a great opportunity for you. Just think how you will be able to focus on something other than whom should not be named." Jong told her.

What he said was true. Peyton needed something to keep her busy. Thinking about it some more she would have to see how tomorrow would be like when she meets Bangtan for the first time.

"Jong can you get my camera bag ready and make sure that all my lenses are in there. Have my Nikon D5300 in there for use along with 5 memory cards in there as well." She told him as she was packing her computer for to plug the memory cards into to look at the photos. Even though she wasn't going until tomorrow she wants to have everything ready.

When she had everything packed Jong and her left to get something to eat. She was hungry for meat and she need to talk to Jong. When they arrived at a restaurant that was close to where she lived, she ordered and looked at Jong.

Jong wasn't paying attention as a handsome young man walked by. She shook her head and poked him with her chopped sticks.

"What was that for?" He asked holding his hand.

"You were drooling." Peyton told him and started grilling the meat when it arrived.

"I was not." He told her still holding his hand.

"Listen if I say yes to this offer you ard going to hold down the fort." She told him looking away as put her concentrating to the meat.

"Peyton you know I will. You have taught me photography." Jong gave her a cheeky smile and then said, "Plus, you will have to let me know how Jimin looks when he is dancing."

That brought a smile to her face while to took the cooked meat off and placing the raw to cook. When Peyton was younger she was always stalked by guys who wanted to date her. Though after her first boyfriend she realize after being with him for 4 months that he was dating her to move up in popularity along with wanting to trying to when he bet of sleeping with her. Of course she didn't know that at time the boys gave her attention were just wanting to get in her pants and not caring who she was as a person.

When she met Jong she knew right away that he was different. He was gay and when he told her she accepted on who he was. He even pretended to be her boyfriend to keep of the boys at bay. Though her last relationship when she met him Peyton had Jong met him before she went on a date with him. She was with this guy for 3 years and she was even engaged to him. Though things went down south when she found out that he was already married and had kids.

Peyton's parents were furious that he did that to their daughter. To make matters worse when her clients found out about her dating a married man, they slowly went away. Some clients stayed as they knew that Peyton had no idea.

"I was thinking you can take calls and write down any appointments that the clients call for my artistic skills in photography." She told him placing the meat on his plate.

"Fine that sounds something I would totality do. I will do it just for you hon." Jong said making a lettuce wrap and feeding the wrap to her.

She smiled at him and the spoke here and there as they ate. When the bill came Jong paid like he always did for her. He even walked her home and told her to have fun when she left for BigHit in the morning. When she unlocked her door, she placed her bags and went to her room to change. She figured that she would have a long day ahead of her she went to bed early. When she did the night went quick and she was back up getting dress for the day.

She dressed in jeans with a nice dress shirt along with her boots and cardigan. Peyton wanted to look nice, but at the same time if she was working she wanted to look professional. After she was dressed she called Jong while grabbing her breakfast shake before walking out the door.

Jong spoke to her by saying that she would be fine and to have fun. He even reminded her to take lots of photos of Jimin. She loved her best friend but she refused to even help him out on trying to date Jimin. Taking the bus went by and before she knew it, she was at the front on BigHit. Taking a deep breath, she walked in.

"Hi I am Peyton from Peyton's Photography, I was to come in and ask where I was needed."

The lady at the receptionist greeted her and asked her to follower her to the room where Bangtan was at.

"The boys know that you are coming. Don't be surpised when some of the memembers start asking you questions. When you are done you will need to report to our CEOs office to discuss that offer. Have fun and good luck." The receptionist told her and then left.

Taking another deep breath. Peyton whispered "Hwaiting" before walking in.

The boys were taking a break before starting back up again. When the door opened Bangtan's managers walked over and greeted the person who was walking in. When that person walked in Yoongi though he was dreaming.

The members' looked at her and walked over her immediately. To his surprised she was staring at him and the members' never blocked their eye contact.

'I hope that I am still dreaming.' Yoongi told himself. He could not believe that this girl, the one he saw and tormented his thoughts, was standing in front of him.

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