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Who else loves this gem of a game? It's been my favorite game since I was a child and now with KH3 on the way I've never had such a raging nerd boner before. If you haven't played it, please do yourself a favor and get to it right away. You can easily catch up with the 1.5 and 2.5 HD remixes for the PS3 if you have or even watch it on YouTube. It's taught me the true meaning of friendship or to never give up on the light in your heart. It really made a wonderful impact in my life and I think made me a better person all together. It's helped me deal with my depression. It's specially is a must if you grew up watching Disney movies and playing Final Fantasy as it mixes the two into an orgasm of a game that deals with mature topics for a E10+ games such as existentialism, the darkness in people's hearts, loss, and many other topics. The lore gets more and more confusing the more games you play but how it all ties in together creates for such an amazing experience every time.
I feel like I've been waiting my entire adult life for KH3
when i saw kingdom hearts 3 is coming out i didnt believe it at first but when i found it was the truth i was all hyped up for it so excited even if i dont have a ps4 yet
Kingdom Hearts 3 is the reason I bought the ps4