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Honesty is the best policy.

Especially when wedding bells are in your near future. You would think after popping the question, you and your soon to be would know pretty much every little detail about one another. That's not always the case. Sometimes secrets don't arise until years after the 'I do's' were said. In my opinion, it's best to know ahead of time.
Not all surprises are good surprises. Leave it up to Buzzfeed to conduct a lie detector test for engaged couples to make sure all their secrets have come to surface before the big day. Do you think they'll stick together after it's all said and done? I guess we will just have to watch and find out. The suspense is real. Keep scrolling to see these engaged couples

Would you take a lie detector test with your significant other?

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That makes two of us @InVinsybll at least you're honest from the beginning.
ohhh man, haha I just don't like to bring up these topics anyway, you know? it just brings up bad thoughts about the relationship. no need to worry if there is nothing to worry about right?
So true!!! Just bringing bad blood to a good situation can be iffy. I'm sure it was all in good nature, but you never know what topics may arise @nicolejb
I'm glad it turned out ok for the couple though @jordanhamilton :)
Me too!!! That was def a blessing :) @nicolejb