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This weekend for Valentine's Day we decided to visit a vegan restaurant in the city that we had heard so much about. I had been to a another vegan restaurant a while ago, and it was actually a terrible experience for me.
I was both excited and nervous about this new restaurant.
Once we arrived at the establishment, we drooled over the menu like children. There were so many options to choose from. We decided to go all out and order four dishes: chili cheese fries, barbecue chicken sandwich, chicken pesto pizza, and lasagna.
Everything was SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS! I couldn't believe there was no meat or dairy products in any of the dishes.
My favorite dish from our dinner was the chili cheese fries. Nothing about the chili cheese fries tasted vegan, but it was. The chili sauce, the beans, the cheese, the potatoes -- all of it was on point. For me what came second was the lasagna. Although, I did wish it had more of a cheesy taste. It was mostly tomato base -- which is fine, but it totally could of used a bit more Italian seasonings, and vegan cheese.
Also, if you're wondering -- my boyfriend 100% supports my giving up meat for Lent. He's actually vegetarian. He doesn't care whether I eat meat or if I am vegetarian (our first date I was shoving a fish sandwich into my mouth, but he still called me for a second date haha).Of course it's easier to choose a restaurant when we're both on the same diet!
After the restaurant, we decided to pick up dessert. We went to a shop that was swollen with different chocolate treats. We ended getting these delicious almond-chocolate clusters. I am not HUGE into sweets, but these chocolates were freaking amazing!

Who would have though that being vegetarian can taste so good!?

I have been struggling a little bit, but it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. Honestly, I have been having dreams (nightmares?) where I am eating a vegetarian dish and all of a sudden it turns into meat and I start freaking out.
So now what I am doing is triple-checking my Boca 'chkn' patties to make sure I am not accidentally picking up a real meat patty! The smell of meat definitely makes me very sad because I am craving it so much. ESPECIALLY things like pernil, chuleta, and EVERYTHING PORK.
...But I'll be alright! Thank goodness I can cook because I get to be very creative with my meals!
I just started a new collection my vegetarian journey and it's called 'Kinda Vegetarian, Totally Latina.' Check it out!
Do you know any other vegetarians on Vingle?? @Jordanhamilton
It's sort've like a challenge too. Like to try to pull off food that is supposed to have meat, but making it veggie. It's like "how can I push my culinary expertise..." haha
@nicolejb it was really good. The foods I tried exceeded my expectations. That's good! That's how I usually am when I am eating meat too.
that lasagna looks fabulous. I'm not totally veggie, but I eat mostly fruits and veggies. I only really eat meat when I'm low on protein or I'm eating out!
great question! sadly I don't :( which sucks. it might be a good idea to scope out the vegetarian and vegan communities.
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