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Lets be real, for at least the first month of a "relationship" whatever that means to you because it all is different now, no one knows what the fuck is going on.
So you guys are most likely only hooking up with each other (the bare minimum of relationship), but who really knows if its going to last, if you should get that invested, if you even know them at all. Its all seriously confusing.
But through that confusion and haze of "does he really like me", there are 5 very big red flags at can answer that question for you...with a resounding NO.

1. You guys are not on the same page about what a relationship actually is.

This is the biggest one!! If you and him don't have the same idea about what a relationship is, i.e. you think its dates, and couple Instagram's, and going on trips together and they think its having someone to go home with on the weekends and to text though out the week then there will be some serious issues. If you guys can't even be on the same page with that, then you shouldn't be investing your heart on someone who isn't going to do the same.

2. He can text you a lot, but actually hanging out is kind of hard.

It is WAY TO EASY to get wrapped up in a relationship through text. But if you guys are together then actually seeing each other in person shouldn't be hard (obvi unless you're super long distance.) If something always seems to come up when its time to hang out, then you have been permanently put on his back burner as a back up plan. Texting and being together is NOT the same thing.

3. You haven't met at least 1 of his friends yet.

You've been together for at least a month. You made the step to say you are together, and yet you still haven't met at least one of his friends? It might seem small, but his friends are the people he has chosen to trust with his happiness, his secrets, and they are the ones who are constantly shaping his personality. They are important to him. If you haven't met them yet, that might mean you aren't as important to him as you think you are.

4. He doesn't talk to you about his family.

Kind of like meeting his friends BUT ON A GRAND SCALE! No matter what the relationship with his family is (good or bad), they will always be a huge part of his life weather they are his rock, or they are the people he tries so hard not to become. You don't have to have met them this early, but he should be telling you about them.

5. After a few weeks of hooking up, you still don't feel comfortable with where you stand.

Anything sexual, even if it isn't full on sex, is very personal. You should feel comfortable in where you stand with the person you are consistently hooking up with. If he has seen you naked but you still don't wanna text I'm because you "don't want to seem needy" then there is a PROBLEM! Address it or get out now.
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i kinda had a feeling this was happening with me for awhile..
@BrennenLesh sorry to hear that! Maybe nows the time to lay it all on the line have a frank discussion and see if you should end it or not :(
yeah. its pretty much done sad to say..
these are some great points! I'd also add something about the actual times you see each other. if it's always at night that could be a signifier
@lizarnone Meeting friends and family is the key. You are right about them being so important in a persons life, weather they realize it or not:)