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I've said it before and I'll say it again.

My obsession with shearling coats are real. Although the groundhog decided to do us all a favor and bring spring earlier than expected, I managed to get my hands on a shearling this past weekend. A black shearling to be exact and I'm obsessed.
While shearling coats are warm and extremely fashionable, there's something extra special and alluring about an all black shearling. I'm not sure if it's the mysteriousness of the black or the fact that black is simply amazing, but either way black shearling are winning. Keep scrolling to get proof.

Is it just me or are you loving the black shearling coat?

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me too! super chic and cozy :) @EasternShell
I love any black outfit but that shearling... maybe not suitable for me in warm weather here 馃槉
Oh yes! Def not warm weather appropriate, but if you ever come to the east coast there will be one waiting for you lol @atmi
aww..thanks.. I had one chance to visit amerika long ago but unfortunately,in some reason I can't make it..maybe some days..
no worries, it will be here and you're welcome!! at least you're where it's warm. I wish, it's freezing here right now @atmi