The posters are a continuation of the Exoplanet Travel Bureau poster series first created by JPL’s design studio last year. The studio, first put together 13 years ago, helps JPL’s scientists and engineers plan out future missions, which means they’re always aware of the latest and greatest ideas being bandied about the lab. When NASA came to them asking for additional posters in the series, they were able to integrate many ideas the agency had already been spitballing for the future—such as floating cities hovering above Venus. NASA’s faux travel agency is, obviously, a tad grandiose in their claims. Mankind won’t set foot on another planet for at least another decade, and even that’s optimistic. Zipping off 42 light-years for some super-Earth skydiving will probably remain science fiction forever. But anything that keeps the public aware of the grandeur of space exploration is cool. You can download and print your own copies of the posters here:
Aaa I love these! So beautiful