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IMPORTANT! Alright readers this is my flirty to steamy to smut scene. This is how it's set up. This is 4 different parts I'm combining because I feel like for it to mesh well, it wouldn't work to do it over four days. So mind you, it's pretty long but I think it's well worth it, heheh.

Now with each part it goes one step further. The first one is all good for everyone, hardly even PG-13! But if you want more you can keep going and if you want to, you can stop at any part because they end well enough to do so. It moves on quite gradually so rest assured it really is flirty to steamy to smut.

I hope it turned out okay.

Parts: all found on card one

WARNING: Mature, gang related, content. Sexual scene.

Youngjae sighs. "Seunghye I'm so happy you came back."

He sits down next to me on the couch and puts his arms around me, resting his head on my shoulder. "I know you weren't gone long, but it felt so lonely without you. You have a beautiful way of making this room a lot less suffocating."

"I actually came here because I wanted to apologize for being inconsiderate of your feelings. I had no idea about your brother and shouldn't have said anything. I also didn't know what had happened between him and Himchan. Now that I do, I completely understand why you were upset. I'm sorry."

"I suppose you talked about it with Yongguk."

"Yes. He told me what happened."

"All of it? Like including the things about me?"


He sighs. "Oh. Well, that's what happened. He wouldn't lie, so you know everything."

He looks up, causing our faces to be close. "But I am glad that you care enough to think about my feelings. It means a lot to me."

"I do care about your feelings, the same way you care about mine."

He puts his head back on my shoulder. He's quiet for a few minutes, but then breaks the comfortable silence. "Are you okay?"

"Yes. Why?"

He looks up, once again lessening the distance between us. "Cause you're not very relaxed and you're heart is beating really hard. I just want to make sure you're okay. I can stop hugging you if you'd like. I can sit over there instead. I want you to feel safe with me, so if I have to gain your trust back, I'm more than willing to do what makes you comfortable."

"The fact that you're willing to do what you can to help me trust you, makes me comfortable."

"Thank you." He puts his head down and nuzzles into the crook of my neck. He's so happy he's humming slightly, his breath lightly tickling me. As he does this I quietly laugh out of reflex.

I didn't know, but he's taken note of my body's respones since he first sat down; the way my heart is beating, my blushing face, and the pleasant response to his breath.

He puts his hand on the other side of my neck. At first I'm confused, but then I feel soft kisses landing on my neck.

"Youngjae what are y-"

He shushes me. "You know exactly what I'm doing." His kisses now being placed with a little more purpose.

"I do, but why?"

"Why? Why do you think?"

This isn't what I expected when I came in here. "Because..."

He laughs lightly. "Don't play dumb." He continues laying down kisses, making his way to my collarbone. "You're going to make me say it then?"

My head can't keep a thought straight. "Yes, that'd help."

He looks up, his face even closer than before. "Seunghye, I'm in love with you."
"But I'm not going to force you into anything. So..."


His eyes drift down toward my lips. "So if you want me to stop, just tell me, or even just push me away. Either one and I'll stop immediately."

He draws closer with obvious intent to kiss me. "Three, two, one."

He stops just before reaching my lips, a sly grin spreading across his face and he whispers, "Got it."

He once again has noted my body's respones; this time my slightly deep breathing and flushed skin.

He's testing me. He's testing how I feel about him. He's lucky enough to be able to take all these variables into consideration and easily arrive at the correct conclusions. He can figure out exactly what will make me tick in no time at all. If anyone ever said love can't be logical, then they never met him.

He slowly goes to the other side of my neck, raining kisses onto it softly for a few seconds, and then more passionately. A lick with the tip of his tongue makes me tremble for a moment. Finally a small bite.

Without being able to stop it, I moan.

He brings his lips to my ear; his breath is hot. "Are you giving me permission to continue?"

Without giving me much of a chance to answer, he nibbles on my earlobe.

I cover my mouth before another noise escapes.

He stops and looks at me. "If you like it, then don't stop yourself from showing it. Otherwise I won't know what you want, and neither of us will be happy."

I let my hand fall.

"Good. Now, you need to let me know whether you truly want this and it's not just your body thinking on its own."

I can only manage to nod. He sure can talk a lot. Am I the only one flustered?

He chuckles. "I guess you can't find the words to tell me at the moment, so we'll try it this way."

He traces my jawline with his finger, tipping my chin upward, and again, he moves toward me as though he will kiss me. Just as he's about the same distance away as the first time, he stops. But, this time there's no smirk.

He lets his hands fall and drift to my hips, following every curve of my body on the way down. "If you want this, then you have to come to me."

I know what he does for a living and I know I'm here because he kidnapped me; yet, I still care about him.

I put my arms around his neck and for just a moment, I hesitate. I feel his breath on my lips. I can feel his hands trembling slightly. And I can tell that he's nervous despite his calm facade.

He is nervous. He's always been good about keeping calm or faking his way through things, but he's going to crack soon if I don't respond to his advances. He's thought about this moment with me quite a lot; but thinking about something is a lot different than actually going through with it. Which is something he's never encountered; a plan that isn't quite one hundred percent stable.


He closes his eyes and bites his lip for a moment. "What?"

I move forward. "I want you."

As I close the distance between us, he parts his lips a small amount.

When our lips meet, he grabs my hips and shifts me closer to him.

He's amazed. This is probably one of the few times in his life that he's not thinking about everything; his body is just moving on its own now. He's able to just live and enjoy every feeling and sensation.

No other man has ever got this sort of reaction out of me. This feels so right and natural, neither of us is trying hard to make it good; it's just happening spontaneously and it's perfect.

There's no talking, all there is is breathing and lips coming together and releasing, with a moan now and then.

We try to see what turns the other on. We experiment with different spots and different touches to see which one is liked.

I run my fingers through his hair, grab some and give a gentle pull on it. He holds my body even tighter. The intensity of his movements rising.

He runs his hand under my shirt, just grazing my stomach and hips. As he trails his fingers up and down my back my body quivers. When he presses down harder letting his nails just barely dig in, I can't help but moan.

I push him away a little and he looks completely confused until he realizes I'm reaching to unbutton his shirt.

Since my hands are busy and I'm distracted he takes this chance to pull me onto his lap so I'm straddling him.

I feel my face blush slightly and he quietly laughs. "Don't be embarrassed, just let whatever happens happen. We'll take it one step at a time." His words are sweet and caring, but at the same time dripping with sensuality.

As soon as his shirt is unbuttoned I run my hands over his body. Starting from his stomach, moving up to his chest where I pause for a moment just to feel his heart pounding. I continue to his arms, and finally pull the sleeves of his shirt down. His body is lean and toned; actually it's a bit more than I expected.

He pulls my shirt up a little, exposing my stomach. "So? Do I get to have a peek?"

His moods are ever changing, one moment he's passionate and the next he's being playful.

I smile, trying not to giggle at the look of curiosity on his face, as I take my shirt off. I undo my bra and let it fall, I feel kind of shy because of how intently he's watching me.

His eyes widen as he takes in everything he's seeing. He licks his lips and then runs his thumb over them to wipe them off.

"Careful, you keep looking at me like that and I don't know what'll happen."

"You know, for once I think I like the unknown."
But he's done looking, even though he could marvel at my body for a long time, he wants to keep me interested.

He puts his hands on my thighs, slides them up and pulls my hips toward him so I'm directly over his manhood.

I'm turned on, yet somewhat surprised by his taking initiative and staying in control. If he's nervous still, then I wouldn't be able to tell.

I put a hand on his shoulder and the other on the back of his neck. In an effort to tease him a little by stealing some of that control, I start kissing his neck. I move upward toward his ear and suck on his earlobe for a few moments. That's all it took for him to really get excited. I can feel him underneath me, he's starting to get hard and that makes me want to turn him on even more.

I whisper in his ear, "Are you finally getting a little hot?"

He slowly nods. "Seunghye, you're so different right now."

"Most people have a slightly different side of them when it comes to the bedroom. Do you like it?"

"I love it."

I'm killing him. With everything I do I'm taking away his composure.

I continue dropping kisses along his jawline. When I get right up to his mouth I pause to throw him off the trail. If he thinks he's going to predict everything he's wrong.

I stay right where I am, just inches away from his face. I run my hand down his arm. I grab his hand and play with it for a moment. I can tell by the look in his eyes that the gears in his head are turning, but he can't figure me out. I bring his hand up and place it on my breast; at the same time leaning forward, promptly kissing him.

He's caught off guard and his mind blanks for a moment. But when he realizes what's happening, he becomes caught in a feeling of lust.

He remembers that I'm allowing him to touch me, actually, I'm insisting he touch me. And because of that, he wants to feel every single curve of my body and thoroughly explore these sensations.

He cups my breast in his hand, he caresses it, and then gently massages it. He runs his thumb over the nipple several times, making me shiver.

He slowly pushes me away a little. He pauses for a moment with a look in his eyes questioning if what he wants to do is okay. I answer him by biting my lip a little and looking at him like I'm begging for it.

He leans down and kisses me, starting from my collarbone and ending on my nipple. He then gently sucks on it. His tongue repeatedly moves over it, making me moan.

I can tell he's enjoying himself, because I can feel him finally at, what I assume is, his full length.

He stops and holds the back of my neck, bringing me closer to him and our lips passionately meet.

As I lightly suck on his bottom lip I run my tongue across it, asking permission to enter. He parts his lips a little more and I gently sweep my tongue over his. Our kissing is becoming more rushed and heated; we only pause for a second at a time to catch our breaths.

I situate myself differently, unintentionally rubbing against his package. This small movement causes his body to twitch.

Realizing how good it felt, he puts his hands on my hips and begins moving them back and forth. He stops kissing me and focuses on how it feels. It's enticing and he can't pay attention to both things at once.

Once I start moving on my own, his breathing gets heavier and his hands tremble. I'm beginning to think this is his first time doing anything like this.


"Huh?" This time he's at a loss for words. His mind is too busy.

There's not exactly a way to ask this that doesn't sound condescending, but I really want to know. "Is this your first time?"

He doesn't stop what he's doing; that question doesn't phase him. "Yeah."

I might have to take the initiative for a while. Which is fine, I've never been the more experienced one before so this is interesting.
"Do you think you're ready to move to the bed?"

He slowly nods as though he's leaving himself in my capable hands.

"I'll try to make sure you have a good memory of this." A lot of people don't usually remember their first time fondly. They usually just remember clumsy sex with someone they didn't really care that much about. I'll do my best to make sure he's satisfied with how things go.

I stand up. "Do you have a condom? We'll need one."

He points to a drawer on his dresser. I go dig through it and find one.

I walk back over and take his hand. I lead him over to the bed and he lies down. He watches as I take off my pants. I get on top of him, gently resting my body against his. I can feel the spark from our bodies touching and it's tantalizing.

We kiss for a minute, and then I move on to kissing his chest. Working my way down until I reach his hips. Then I start undoing his belt.

He props himself up on his elbows. "What are you doing?"

Teasingly I repeat the same thing he said earlier. "Don't play dumb. You know exactly what I'm doing."

The more we move forward the more comfortable I get and the more nervous he becomes. It works well though; if he's unsure of what to do then I need to help him relax and feel less pressured. It's give and take.

When I unbutton his pants I pull them down. I give him a second to mentally prepare himself before I pull his boxers down as well. Like I expected, his face turns a bit red and he looks away.

But as soon as I take him in my hand his body tenses and he glances at what I'm doing. I slowly move my hand up and down, when I do his eyes dart back in the other direction. For some reason this is a lot more hot when he's so modest.

Once I take him in my mouth though, he is at full attention and watching my every move.

I've only done this once before, but he seems to be liking it and that's what matters.

After a minute I look at him and he's lying on his back. His chest is rising and falling from how heavy he's breathing.

I continue for another few minutes. He suddenly tenses up and grips the bed sheet in one hand. He covers his eyes with his forearm.

"Please stop."

Not gonna happen.

"Seunghye please."


"I'm gonna-"

He cums and I do my best to catch and swallow it. Never seen one of these through to the end so that's new for me.

His body relaxes and his breath slows down.

I wipe my mouth with my hand. "You okay?"

His forearm is still covering his eyes. "Yeah, I'm okay. Sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

"Finishing, I didn't mean to; but it was just too much."

"One, I'm the one who kept going after you asked me to stop." I lie down beside him. "Two, you'll be ready again soon enough."

I pull his arm down and he looks at me. "So just relax."

I pull him closer to me and we resume where we'd left off. The way he's running his hands over me I can tell he's more relaxed.

After a few minutes he's inching his way down, he firmly grabs my butt and pulls me up against him. I let a small moan escape.

It's fun to be in control, but it's definitely nice to have someone else be in charge.

He pushes his leg between mine and spreads them.

His voice is husky and low as he talks, "Are you ready?"

I nod. As I take my panties off, he sits up. He spreads my legs and sucks his lip. He looks up to see me watching him. He has a teasing smirk. "Don't look at me like that or I won't make it."

I close my eyes and moments later I feel him slide into me. He leans over me and goes in deeper. I feel his hips come against me and I put my arms around his neck.

"Oh my god. You're so wet, it's perfect." His words are breathy and are being said without being thought of; they're just falling out.

His rhythm is slow and steady, it's just right. The way he's moving, it just doesn't seem like he's new to this.

The feeling of him filling me up over and over again is beautiful. He's amazing, his energy, this chemistry, it's unlike anything I've ever felt.

He's just letting his body do what feels right. He can't think so he has no choice but to let instincts take over. Seeing the response he's getting from me, he's confident in his body's movements.

Feeling a little bold he lifts my ankle to his shoulder. He can go deeper and it makes me quiver.


He goes harder and I moan.

He can't believe what I'm like. He's not seeing me as polite and cute anymore. He's seeing a sensual woman.

I'm not seeing him as playful or immature. This is a man, a man that can make me feel alive and wash away my problems.

We're both breathing heavy and he's dripping with sweat. His breaths are loud, and it turns me on knowing how much effort he's putting in to get us off.

"Hey." His words are barely coming out. He's working hard and he's feeling it.


"Turn over."

I'm surprised a little by his assertiveness.

"I said turn over and get on your hands and knees."

Good god, I can't say no to that. The look on his face is animalistic and his tone is masculine and demanding. He definitely has a different side to him in bed once he's confident.

He removes himself and I get on all fours. He wastes no time; he grabs my hips and enters me again.

He's got one hand on my hip keeping us in time with eachother and the other is on my back.

He runs his nails down my back and I'm losing it. I'm moaning and he digs them in more. He's going harder and it's killing me. I'm glad he came once already so that he could last this long.

This isn't romantic anymore. This isn't making love. This is fucking. It's full of lust and greed. He's trying to get his; I'm trying to get mine; and we're just lucky we're trying to get the same thing.

He's reaching his limit and honestly, so am I. Sex takes a combination of both person's energy and ours is running low. But we're making this count until the final second.

"Faster." My voice is pleading; I need it.

He goes faster and I'm practically whimpering from how overwhelming this is. The fact I'm with him is setting my senses on high.

He's loving that he's the one getting me off and making me surrender myself to him. He's the one giving me this pleasure and he wants to give me more. But there's a selfishness behind this want; he wants to make me desperate for him. He wants his touch to be my only desire. I won't need anyone else if I have him. If I crave him then I'll never leave.

I'm breaking. I'm on empty and he's taken everything from me. I'm beyond satisfied with what he's done. He's a god damn natural.

"Say my name." His voice is harsh.


"Again, louder."



"Fuck me, Youngjae!"

His grip digs into me. It's like nothing he's felt, this is sex but it isn't just that, this is sex with the woman he loves.

"Give me everything Youngjae!"

Every word that leaves my mouth brings him closer to the brink.

"I want you!"

He's on the verge and his body is trembling.

"I need you!"

He's there. He's reached his climax and he's stricken with ecstasy. He lets out a small moan and he rests his arms on my back. He's completely spent and his body is done.

He leans back, we finally disconnect. I lie down and have no strength left. He lies down next to me and for a while we just breathe.

He smirks. "How was it?"

I laugh lightly. "Shut up. Don't get full of yourself."

"Seriously, I want to know."

"You were there so I'm pretty sure you know how amazing it was."

He turns and looks at me with a smile. "So it was that good?"

I nod. "How was it for you?"

He puts his arm around me. "Absolutely indescribable."


Oh gosh, I'm probably going to hell for enjoying this so much!!😍
Also because this was pretty long guys I'm gonna take a day or two to write a good next part. I usually have them ready in advance so I can proofread them 75 times sooo. You'll have to suffer lol
Youngjae you bias wrecker 😶 I cant wait for the next part. What will happen if the brother does contact them ? which to be honest has taken him too long lol
@emhoover1993 it's barely afternoon XD @Mercedesbenz98 Sorry if there wasn't enough warning lol @MsLoyalHeart I'll see you there because I'm the one who wrote it haha!
@MadAndre AAAAAAA AAAAAAA AAAAAAA I only read the first part and I love it already! !!!!
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