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It's February the 14th.

You're not grumpy, you're just realistic and single. You wake up and go about your normal routine. Say a prayer, wash your face, brush your teeth, make breakfast, check the weather and well, check your texts. You see everyone in your inbox except the one person you expect to see. The texts begin to pour in from friends, family and guys you gave up on years ago. It's like everyone got the memo except the one person you expected to receive it.
You eventually realize what it is. You two are not an item, so he doesn't want to come off as if he's too invested. So, why is everyone else texting you those three words? No, not I love you -- but Happy Valentine's Day. Is it that serious? Probably not, but actions always speak louder than words and his were speaking rather loud at the moment. You take it for what it is and realize that you're going to enjoy your day regardless. Guys will be guys. Besides, what's a text anyway? Well, to you -- it was everything. Just like he was. At least you thought.
Checking your phone every time you get a notification hoping his name pops up, but it never does. You bite the bullet and text him yourself. Much to your surprise, he still doesn't say those three words. But why are you so eager for him to tell you 'Happy Valentine's Day'?
Was it the principal? Was it the fact that everyone else was texting you besides the one person you just knew would hit you up first? Was it the fact that you expected more?
Maybe a combination of the three.
Three words you won't hear for another 365 days never uttered from the lips [or in this case, sent in a text] via the one person you wanted to hear it from most. But, was it that serious? It was, but you fall asleep and forget it -- as you do everything else. Before you know it, it's February 15th and the first text you wake up to is from him.
It reads, 'Good Morning'.

Would you feel some type of way if the person you were investing time into didn't tell you Happy Valentines Day?

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Great response! And I totally agree! Thanks for chiming in @nicolejb
You deserve better @jordanhamilton 馃槝
Awww thanks so much @nicolejb the best is yet to come 馃槒馃槈
I'd never really cared it already happened
understandable. you shouldn't care @VixilCastillo