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"All of a Sudden" Description: Dedicated to my best friend Holls~ What happens when all of a sudden your best friend wins a competition and EXO takes resident in your neighborhood? Let's read to find out~ cards/chapters: (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6)
Luna's P.O.V~ When I finally stopped crying from distress and frustration, I woke up to find me asleep on my bed yet to also find Taehyung asleep on the floor with a couple of blankets and pillows with him. Did I fall asleep crying? I know Taehyung was trying calm my nerves and tears. After pondering on it for ten minutes you walked outside your room to find Jimin looking somewhat distraught "Hey, Jimin-ah is something wrong? You don't look like usual, did something happen last night?" I asked being a bit nosy. "Jungkook escaped last night, while I was asleep and did you see Taehyung last night? He wasn't asleep in the guest room..." Wait Jungkook escaped at night! Aish, it's okay he knows the way around now but I know he'll be back soon either way, "It's gonna be okay Jungkook gonna come back in a bit, and about Taehyung..,he kinda knocked out in my room?.." Jimin gave me look then smirk, I swear I was now'll see why soon too..."In your room, aye? So you guys friends with benefits or just was like you're official now?" I chocked then hit him on his arm, chill it wasn't that hurtful. "Yah, Park Jimin! What are you thinking? We were talking then next thing I know I was asleep and found him on the floor next to my bed, jeez, and what do you mean oiffical?" "Opps, my bad but you already know how I think sometimes but by 'offical' that will be my secret for you to find out". I gave him one last look then went back into my room to answer my phone that Taehyung was holding... he better not have done something, best friend or not.."Taehyung let me have my phone, please?" He just passed it along then fell asleep again, I don't think he noticed where he is yet. Holls' P.O.V~ This girl won't answer her phone, and I really need to talk with her, I'll try one more time and I swear if she does- "Hey, what's up? Everything alright?" Finally Luna picked up! "Holls, you there? Sorry I couldn't answer early had my phone" why would he and "Luna, something happened last night and now I'm worried"... I waited for her response only to hear her voice crack with the words "It was Chanyeol and Jungkook, wasn't it? Tell me everything now I don't care how long Holls, tell me now.." And time to explain how the night went down.. (At the hospital *2nd night* also flash back warning starting now!...) Technically this is the afternoon into the night but while I was watching dramas with the girls they told me they had to leave around 2:00 pm, and I said it's fine, after they left I slept for a hour, and that's when about I woke up at 3:10 pm seeing Chanyeol next to me, at first I was gonna scream but it's Chan, "Yah Chan~ don't sneak up on me like that, wake me up next time and how long have you been here?" You looked towards him, "I only been here ten minutes ago, chill I was thinking anything perverted, I know you would have smack me" he chuckled with you gave him a slight glare "Yes I would have smacked you, and how was your schedule?" "It was hectic, due to saesangs finding out about my Kakao ID but not about your identity, at least not yet because I want to keep you safe" you were always worried for saesangs but with Luna it worked out because let's just say......she has her ways with idols especially with Sehun and Taehyung *coughs* you didn't hear that from me....but either way "It's okay I understand but sorry for your Kakao but I can promise Luna and I didn't leak it for sure" "Trust me I know you two wouldn't, it's an obsessive fan who knows the information, and I'll be right back I'll going to pick up some medicine and vitamins for you could take around 20 minutes, but I'll try to be quick" he gave you a kiss on the forehead and left with you turning to watch "Moorin School" with Lee Hyun Woo. Jungkook's P.O.V~ I escaped from Luna's place during the late afternoon after I heard her and Taetae hyung talking about how Holls is in the hospital and how she moved on... Honestly speaking I felt crushed when I heard Luna say that's she's worried about me and Holls' relationship again but I know what she meant, it only took a week for me to physically leave her yet my thoughts and emotions go to only her, yes I put on an act for armys because I don't want her to think that I'm suffering yet at the same time I only hurt her...I don't know what to do anymore yet I started running once I heard Luna's tears and Taetae hyung reassuring her, I know he likes her yet doesn't want to jack up their relationship. Since me and Holls are their dongsaengs yet they are worrying if we get hurt even though I keep running towards Holls' hospital, yes I'm somewhere way different than Seoul or Busan I know my way around now, it's just I need her, to hear and see her just once please... Once I reached Fairview Unity Hospital, *Author: yes longish name people move on*, I asked the nurse to look up "Holls ****", *Author: Friend protection since Holls is a real person and this story is dedicated to her*, the nurse told me room number E24, I said thanks then left but when I reached the room I heard a male's voice saying "...medicine and vitamins for you could take around 20 minutes, but I'll try to be quick" before he saw me I turned the conner and hid, once he left I knocked on the room's door and I heard your voice "Come in, I'm just watching some drama since I recently woke up", I went in the room when you were looking and said "Holls, it's been a long year hasn't it?" While giving a sad chuckle. Holls' P.O.V~ "Holls, it's been a long year hasn't it?" You heard along with a sad chuckle yet your heart tensed hearing voice.. "Jeon Jungkook what are doing here? And how did you find out?...." You said chocking back your sudden fear and confusion. Luna made her promise but wait didn't she just get home? I swear it's only been a good hour or two..."I'm actually just here to see and hear you again Holls...I missed you so much you don't even know how tired I am of this act, of what happened...I found out by Taehyung and Luna, they were worried about us.." He said with tears falling little by little but standing far away yet walking a bit closer to your bed. "Don't think we can get back together, and don't think I forget what you did Jungkook! It took you a week while I been here dealing with this for a year...IΒ  been pushing you away and now I'm with someone else, I moved on..." With bits of yelling and a sob, he then pulled you in an embrace saying "There's nothing like you and me together, nothing like us, I'm so sorry Holls, but I need you, I really do please allow me one last chance, I promise it be better than before I had a reason I didn't leave you just because, I wanted you safe" you were pushing him him away and starting to let tears fall yet trying to control your anger before you did something you regret, still forcing you into a hug. Chanyeol's P.O.V~ After a good five minutes of waiting and 15 minutes of getting the vitamins and medicine for my girl, I mean Holls, she kinda dislike the phase 'my girl' but just prefers Holls, but of course I have my way, and we both love eachother. Once I reached the hospital room I hear Holls sobbing, my heart was swelling yet I knew it wasn't from her dramas, I hear a young male's voice saying "...I promise it be better than before I had a reason I didn't leave you just because, I wanted you safe" my anger started to build, I quickly entered the room only to see that that Holls was forced into an embrace and I could see her resisting. Then I heard her voice "Let go Jungkook! I moved on while you left me now go! I have someone else now, his name is Chanyeol now go!" She said with angry sobs but by then my anger built up and I grab Jungkook or what his name by the collar "Yah! She said let go" the freaking guys gave me a smirk "So she's dating you sunbae, your the one who took my Holls after I left, pft" wait he said sunbae? His Holls?! What the heck is he talking about!! Wait,...Jungkook? Sunbae? Don't tell me..."You figured it out yet sunbae? Pft, looks like we can't fight but if you insist" and with the fact I'm still holding his collar, he punched me and I doubled over, dang this guy is freaking 19 yet strong! I'm 23 strong but come on that's just not fair so "I don't give a crap of your my dongsaeng or my yoobae Jeon Jungkook back off Holls, she's no is longer yours!" And then I punched him in the gut as well or to see he fell onto the wall. Holls' P.O.V~ I saw them punch eachother while my tears were streaming so fast, my heart was tensed and beating hard while my mind was dealing with confusion, anger, and sadness. All I could do was cry...why did he have to give me a hug! Jeon Jungkook I thought I was over you...Park Chanyeol was did this happen to you? Why did you fall for me? Yes I love you yet I'm only hurting your heart...once I saw Jungkook, my Jungkook fall to the wall...and my Chanyeol, Chanyeol doubled over...that's when my mind went blank and I fainted again...only to hear them say... "Holls not again please! You promised you wouldn't leave me like this! Please awake" Chanyeol whispered, "Holls! I'm so sorry that this happened to you, but please wake up if you die then how will I live! I know it's my fault wake up please!" Jungkook had spoken loudly. (Present day morning *3rd day at the hospital*) Next morning that when you woke up this is when you told Luna everything only to hear her say "I'm so sorry I broke our promise I couldn't keep him away...I'm sorry Holls" you heard her sobs with your tears and both of you cried early that morning.. Hey! I'm sorry this chapter is a bit emotional and dramatic but I wonder what you guys believe what will happen now, come to think about it we have two love triangles now (1st: Luna, Sehun, and Taehyung) (3nd: Holls, Chanyeol, and Jungkook) but who do you want with who? I want to know your personal thoughts and please vote and comment. I love to read your feedback and once again thanks for reading!
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I really want Holls to be with Chanyeol!!! and Luna to be with Sehun!! ahh Jungkook and Taehyung. you ruined everything!!!😭😠 this story is getting better and better!!!πŸ‘ tag me in the next story