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Anyone whose anyone has at least heard of the Game Of Thrones CRAZEEEE that has swept the nation. And its totally understandable because GoT rocks. However, whats even more crazy is that this season will now surpass the novels that George R.R. Martin is literally taking his sweet ass time to write.
So the season 6 teaser trailer, which will be full of spoilers AND totally new and unrelated tot he books drama has dropped. And it looks INTENSE!!
Hall of Faces might just be the most unnerving thing I have ever seen.
But the real question for my GoT fans is;

Are you going to watch this season or wait another century for the 6th book?

Very late to this show, on season four and working to catch up, but it's awesome!
Read the books- They fill in the spaces that are left out in the movies
@EasternShell Yes and no. The story is still the same but there are many changes.
I'll be watching. At the pace GRRM is going, he'll pass away before the books are finished. Also, he gave the show runners his notes on what happens. So I think, that while different, the show and books will have a similar conclusion. I compare it to Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.
Haven't read the books so definitely watching
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