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We seem to take way to much relationship advice from RomComs. Its hard not to when we see super attractive men pinning after such pretty girls with such relatable personalities. Things aways work out for them in the end and they just look so happy...for the last 5 minutes of the movie when their kiss obviously starts fire works.
But in reality, healthy, real relationships aren't like that. And if we keep falling pray to these misconceptions then we might be doomed to stay single, or worse, be in a terrible relationship, forever.

1. A healthy relationship doesn't involve fighting.

This is the biggest misconception about healthy relationships. Fighting is totally normal when two DIFFERENT people are dating each other. Unless your dating yourself (cough Kanye cough), you are bound to get into some fights. The difference is that in healthy relationships, fights never include low blows, words to purposely hurt the other one, and there is absolutely no physical violence.

2. In a healthy relationship, sex happens all the time and it is always mind blowing.

Sex is a big part of relationships but it is certainly not the most important. In healthy relationships, life does get in the way sometimes. Work is crazy, weekends are busy and you get tired. What's more important then feeling the need to have sex every night is being comfortable enough that you can just snuggle with each other and enjoy catching up on some much needed rest together.

3. People in healthy relationships can read each others minds.

No, no, no, no, no. I think people forget that even though its a great, healthy relationship, that doesn't mean you are going to win at charades every time. Besides, being able to read minds would make the relationship SOOOO BORING. Healthy relationships embrace the weird, the crazy, the bizarre thoughts that they themselves would never even think about.

4. When your in a healthy relationship you agree on pretty much everything.

Its kind of like reading each others minds....agreeing on everything gets boring and offers no room for personal and couple growth. You are allowed to disagree on how to water plants, what to have for dinner, even who should be president. As long as your morals and your core values line up, disagreements and compromise are going to be huge parts of any relationship.
I am guilty of #3. I used to think that my significant other can magically read my mind, so I don't communicate directly when I want something. I would just give him hints and expect him to catch on. That type of expectation actually open more room for misunderstanding.
Thank you SO much for this! I think people forget that relationships are work, but with the right person it's so worth it!
Sounds like you got the good relationship down pat:)