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GENRE: Angst.
Word count: 578
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April 26th 2016
You’re really trying to play that game? I HAVE BEEN SENDING YOU LETTERS FOR MONTHS. MONTHS! I haven’t received not one reply from you. I’ve been sat here heartbroken and you have the nerve to lie to me?
How heartless are you?
You don’t regret kissing Tao? Well thats just great, congratulations. You’ve become a typical slutty idol. its sad really, we both know that you’re not like that. But i can’t change anything now can i?
You want to hurt me? don’t you think you’ve hurt me enough? you abandoned me to fuck my old best friend in OUR bed. Moved him into the house that WE brought. Really, you have no remorse do you? Everything we planed you’ve decided would be perfect with him? Who would have thought that he would be better at the things i wanted to do with you. I really thought we had our life set up...
Didn’t you think that would hurt enough? A lot of my questions are still left unanswered and i don’t know how I’m meant to get answers from letters that don’t exist. I never received any letters from you. Not one letter.
You say that i never messaged you for 7 months? You did that to me. i messaged you everyday after we broke up, only to see you posting on social media as if everything was fine..
I really hate this. I really do. I can’t even say anything. i really miss you. i need to see you. we need to have an actual conversation...
i really don’t understand whats been happening. i know i fucked up, but so did you. I never meant to hurt your self esteem. I feel like i should tell you this now because I’m guessing your “best friend” didn’t have the heart to tell you herself.
When i was with you, she threw herself on me. she told me she fell in love with me when we first met. I knew her longer than i knew you and i had always been close with her. She felt as if i abandoned her when she introduced me to you. she started crying and breaking down in front of me and I felt the need to hug her so she'd feel okay...then as soon as you stepped in the door, she kissed me. I didn't even notice you were in the room when it happened. I pushed her off and then saw you. As much as I loved her as a friend, I was and still am in love with you.
I can only say I'm sorry for hugging her. Maybe if I didn't do that, she wouldn't have kissed me. I don't know what she told you, but I wouldn't lie to you. I could never lie to you and you know that. I love you too much.
I know this is a long letter, so I'll bring it to a close.
But one thing.
Do you think we could meet up and talk about this in person? I feel like we should have an actual conversation about all of this. I think it's been long enough.
Don't you agree?
I’m going to send this in first class, so it should get there by friday the 29th.
I’ll be waiting for you at our favorite cafe @ 6:30. assuming you still remember it...if you don’t heres the address
5-1-2, Minami-Aoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo
I hope to see you soon.
your ex-fiancé.
Park Chan-yeol.
omg!!! damnnnnn I love this if there is more I want to be tagged please!!!
@RihannaTiaMay I'm glad you continued it!!
@cutiecookie @SierraBecerra @MsLoyalHeart I'm glad you like it. I was genuinely thinking that I should end it
welp chanyoel
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