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Thank You Vingle.
I have to say vingle is the first place I have found where you can fangirl and not be judged, hated on, or disrespected. Every one is so loving and peaceful here its truly amazing.
This is really the go to place if you want to voice you're opinion, and not get tons of backlash and hate. I love every kpop fandom we are all truly amazing we all have so much in common. Yet some people always start fan wars none of us really want to be involved with, but we want to all protect our bias group. That's why I love vingle it's the one place to share everything without hate!
So I want to say thank you to the creators of this amazing place where we can all feel loved and express our love, worries, and dreams with each other as well as our love for our bias without the fear of being judged.
You are all beautiful, amazing, wonderful people that I am so glad to know! Let's create more wonderful fan girl/boy moments together <3
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@EmilyGardner that's is my actual last name lol and yea let a become sister
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@DeniseiaGardner totally! that is my actual last name too!!
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Welcome to judgement free spazzing <3 @Sammie99522 I just love it here and now I don't have to harass my friends so much... Even though they don't mind sometimes lol
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I hope it stays this way
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