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Saw this earlier today and laughed! What's with the crazies that come out when it's Valentine's Day?!
I briefly mentioned that I had a stalker for a little while. I too went to the police and discovered that "unless a crime has been committed," they couldn't do anything. I'd have to petition the court for a restraining order against this woman--who followed me to my job and to my home, sent be graphic lust letters, and who insisted on wearing metallic peach lipstick when her complexion begged for another color.
Anyhow, I moved without much drama.

What's your crazy story? Are you the crazy one?!

omg thats crazy. That lipstick tho. I once started seeing this guy had no clue he had a gf till after. I called all things off with him but for some strange reason the girl stayed obsessed with me. She started dressing like me, making fake profiles of me, once I blocked her in social media she would make new profiles to follow me, she would even get my same random nail design a week later, & she would tell people we were best friends. like wth lol
I'm one of the crazy ones. When I was fifteen I found the address of a guy I liked, so I went to his house and waited for him. I had a nice conversation with his mom until finally he arrived. I was really "in love" with him I guess, but after I realized he was not my type because he was crazier than me.
It's not fun at all @WiviDemol
I'm with @nicolejb. I've never had a stalker, but I've had guys that would still try to talk me into going on a date with them when I had already said no.
lol I'm still crazy but not like before
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