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I could totally see us best friend. ..the long nights spent together making music and sharing our deepest thoughts with one another
Jimin somehow you always find your way to my heart! ❤❤
I'd imagine that it would be super fun to have Kookie as a little brother! He'd always be active and do things together
You want to go to prom with!?!?? I'd be honored
It's so hard to picture you as a ....*laughs*...bully. Boy bye
Jimin you just keep popping up....what on earth are you teaching!?!?
*blushes*....oh my...I ummm...I bet it would be pretty magical. *winkwink* A huge thank you to @Baekyeol27 for tagging me in such a fun game! I really love them , you can find the original card on her page. I'm also tagging some of friends on here because they are pretty rad. If you want to be tagged/untagged let me know in the comments!   @PrettieeEmm   @luna1171   @CreeTheOtaku   @EliseB   @Vay754   @KhrystinaLee
I was laughing sooooo hard because of the commentary 😂😂😂😂
@Baekyeol27 really???