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Happy {Manga} Monday, Vingle Nakama!

Just a minute ago I saw this card from @DanielMonroe79 and it made me think about the times in my anime watching and manga-reading career where the storylines in the manga wind up being totally different from the way the get portrayed in the anime.
Sometimes I discover this because I've read the manga first and see a different adaptation in the anime. Sometimes it's the other way around- I see the anime first and read the manga later, only to find out there are major differences in the narrative.
Here's a couple of anime and manga that I enjoy, but have two entirely different representations between their manga and anime forms.

Soul Eater

I saw the anime first for Soul Eater back in college with one of my best friends. We more or less marathoned the whole anime in like 2 or 3 days, and loved every minute of it. Right up until the last episode. In the final for the anime, a whole bunch of weird happens and it feels ultimately deflating after all the energy that built up to it.
I only read the manga back in December, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy that better. The story in the anime deviates around the battle of BREW, or chapter 36 of the manga.
The manga ultimately culminates in an entirely different ending, with a totally different kind of fight happening, and the manga's version is leagues better than the anime.

Akame Ga Kill

In this case, I'd been reading (and continue to read) the Akame Ga Kiru manga before I saw the anime. This is interesting to me because Akame Ga Kill isn't even a terribly long manga, but the anime is so entirely different.
In the anime, which has ended, they kill off all of the characters (and in the same way as the manga for the most part) and leave some characters in a weird limbo. The manga is so different because it is still going, so the fates of some of the characters have yet to be determined, as they have been in the anime.
Esdeath's trump card is also totally different.

Hitman Reborn

This is a slightly different case, I think (or similar to Akame Ga Kill, maybe) in that the anime just stopped at a certain arc while the manga kept going. The narratives were basically the same and the anime did a good job of being accurate to the manga, but then it was over.
I'd been reading the manga first, but also watching the anime at the same time, so I just kept on reading the manga. But it could have been frustrating for some fans because where the anime ends leaves a whole lot of unanswered questions, that get mostly tied up in the manga.
Plus, the manga introduces a whole bunch of characters on the exact opposite themaic scale as Tsuna and the Sky Guardians. The Shimon family and their Earth Guardians prove an interesting arc and matchup for Tsuna and co.

Does anyone else have mangas and animes that were completely different from one another?

Tell us all about it!

Fruits Basket and Shaman King...
@SeoInHan let's just go to Japan and redo it ourselves...I'm down just let me hit the lottery and I'll be ready to go
@SeoInHan I agree...the only thing I can take away from the anime would be some of the fight scenes but ughhh like I wanted kaneki to break that girl's brother bones in the anime....but it never happened....
@InVinsybll The anime is awful...and anyone can fight me on it. The manga is so much better and since you're reading it you'll soon find out.
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