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Never in my Kpop experience have I ever seen so much passion, I literally tear up as I made this card because I have never seen so much realness. You can tell they are the best friends which I really like to see, It just makes me feel good. Anyways lets jump right into this and tell me what your thoughts on this ship

Whoa there Minho....calm down lol.....someone's excited

The last picture always get me...they look so happy when they're around each other.

They can be sexy together while also maintaining their cuteness!

I don't know what I'm looking at here but I feel like I'm interrupting something *_*

Well there you go...If you still not convince just wait until Wedsnday when Part 2 will be uploaded!!! Sorry it took me so long to upload another ship card...I sometimes don't know who to do it on so it takes time. I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of 2min
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They are so adorable.